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🌟🔷Fluffy Stand Up Comedy🔷🌟- Full Present – Gabriel Iglesias Greatest Jokes

Fluffy Stand Up Comedy – Full Present – Gabriel Iglesias Greatest Jokes Fluffy Stand Up Comedy – Greatest Moments of Gabriel Iglesias Right here you possibly can see the complete stand …


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    Damn straight! 19:52 I get so pissed and worried because as a high school student I know nothing that will help me with the outside world. They don't teach us cook for our selves, to do taxes, to be responsible with money, or even sex ed at my school. They are not required or simply not offered. It's ridiculous

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    I watched him on netflix

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    LOL! My name is Raegan! And I live in Oregon!! LOL!

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    i love watching this

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    It could happen I like your shows!

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    I hope to meet you some time Fluffy

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    I can't stop watching

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    this is too funny

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    like and subscribe to Funny Stewie

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    never seen this guy but dam he's funny

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    "I pee on you while doing gangnum style!"

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    just cant get of this guy!!!! sooooo awesome!!!!!!

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    omg he Gaberiel always makes me laugh so hard… 😂😂 id love to go to a show n see him in person…. 😂

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    I need to donwload this 🙁

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    This dude is awesome!!! =D

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    I love your shows so much more than your thinking

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    Stan Lee?

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    Love the ending line

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    Germains Sucks! We stay Hawaii, Dakine Nasty! En Hoaoli Means Newcomer. NOT WHITE Da din ding guy is wrong. Bitch ass Fatty!

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    Fluffy sucks

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    Suciaaaa!!! 😂😂😂

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    I want Gabriel Iglesias to be my dad for like a day

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    mahu 😂😂😂

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    things to do my son when he grow up

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    I love this shows when ever I had a bad day I just watch his show and I am back to being happy

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    haha "fluffy smells like ass"

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    For those who don't know…
    punani = 😺, manapua, pussy, vagina
    You get the idea.

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