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Conspiracy Theories

10 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to Be True! pt. 2

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    Good stuff, a lot of the ideas remind me of the book "The Seed" by T.O. Faith…Makes you wonder

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    Umm, Matthew, I am worry about u dude, if u keep telling the truth about conspiracies, the government might target you and kill u brah

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    1984 is true now 😱😨😰

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    I am now scared of the government

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    Damn Forest Gump a snitch mah boys!

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    1. However removal of the Head of the Joint Chiefs led him to plan out Operation Highladder, which was to plan a terrorist attack along the east coast of the U.S. , which later led to war against the Islamic State, which America blamed them on in the first place.

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    FF7 inspired music?:)

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    I hate how you doing happy when you tell scary stuff lol 😂

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    He has the worlds whitest teeth…

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    Anything that targets feminists is okay in my book. If only they'd known how much of a shitstorm it would become. They probably would've gone at it even harder.

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    I wouldn't mind the government hunting down feminists

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    11:30 Where did you get that picture of the modified US flag?

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    I'm now talking to my computer. Damn it Matt!

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    what wrong with the goverment

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    Why so serious, Matt? Tone it down a bit!

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    To all the people who dont believe 9/11 was a false flag operation….If the government did it before when they framed Cuba, why is it so hard to believe they didnt do the same thing with the middle east.

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    The sad thing is there are people who have no clue about how evil the governments of the world actually are.

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    My school did a president project I had John F. Kennedy if I knew this earlier I coukd of put the fact in my paper

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    Moral of the story
    America, stop starting stuff! This is why aren't liked by a lot of people

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    Assad is a good guy

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    What if you use a vpn? It masks your i.p. And if combined with incognito mode would mean nothing could get traced back to you.

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    9/11 is also example of the number 1

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    The American flag is wrapped and dragged with explosives

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    Now do conspiracy theories that turned out to be false. I'll start: The holocaust.

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    did you know if you pause right at the start of the video matthew creepily smiles.

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    Idk but you remind me of brave wilderness lol

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    Who's here after Castro's death

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    I don't really think the government cares what kind of porn we're watching tho

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    matt you have been hacked by ourmine

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    #OurMine hack

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    So the government knows I watch futa porn? Well shit.

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    so te government has documents of my search history cas if they just asked id tell them a shitload of porn

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    Wait cuz a false flag happened my uncle almost got killed In Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!????

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    I liked the video. But i disliked becuase the number wasnt even.

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    We aaalllll know there's something wrong with that banana

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    Please go to your livingroom and let the nerdy matt peek through the door

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    the background music gives me creeps

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    next is 9/11 s/o to all the people who know the truth

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    Top ten smartest pets of all time. PLEASE DO IT MATTHEW!!!! :3

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    are u doing a focus over or is that not your voice I am just asking the focus is early than ur lips

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