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Conspiracy Theories

5 Strongest Indicators of Aliens and Alien Life | Alien Proof Documentary 2017 | NASA Alien Sightings

Listed here are the 5 strongest indicators of aliens and alien life that we’ve! Alien Proof Documentary 2017 | Alien Sightings by Viral Empire. Are we alone on this…


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    The humans on the earth are the only one evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials in everywhere, on the day we have 100% respect for our lives and our descendants then we will see them, but not now – who knows when it will be that day!

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    right now, there is an alien taking a shit

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    they are exist and we can not reach them because we will take about 10000 years to be there and we have to travel as speed of light.

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    come da fuck on were on earth .hmmmmm but they found 13 other planets hmmmm and you mean to tell me were there only people that hold life realluy

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    Any body else see the human face at 9:08

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    One thing that I feel is an important part of this discussion is the fact we only have one example for life…Earth. For all we know life could exist beyond the carbon layout that we understand. Who says a certain set of elements are the only way life can exist? We would have to open our minds to the concept of non-carbon based lifeforms to even find them.

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    I feel you bruh

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    only an arrogant fool would believe that the universe is not teaming with life.

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    It's probable that they're out there. I don't want to meet one though!!!

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    brainless people like you should be banned from tube. arschole

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    There can be life that doesn't depend on what do to exist. They could breath toxic gas & exist in extreme heat. Seems we always look for beings that exist as we do. My friend Stan Romance has a lot of info on that.

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    copied tell something new lol

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    fratelli delle stelle.

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    What happens with the vimana found in Afganistan by US army.

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    humans know shit

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    please help me any scientists I'm waiting

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    I'm also kindnaped 3years back…. really I tell I'm in sleeping in my home….!!! alien world only yellow planet i see…. really really… any secienstis come after check it in my body condition clearly answer…

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    you just don't no what to believe.theres so much stuff out there. I've seen some great stuff. but the videos with that terrible voice just makes you say duck this

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    aliens can make themselves look like humans is why there is secrecy involved as a way of listening without telling all you know and losing any advantage of defending yourself or even running away. i don't know how much progress has been made but on the whole i would promise communication is one priority to help

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    Everyone must have been an Alien before experiencing life as a human.

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    wow loved it nice video i like videos giving info about aliens and i m eager to know about every secret in the world including the roswell incident and area 51

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    Old news very borring

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    Well put together video my friend. Enjoyed.

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    I do believe in the existence of aliens. Not just the information provided in the video but also there are many instances of the existence of ETs such as the Rosewel rock, the Solway Firth Spaceman, crop circles, etc.

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    We can all connect with aliens spiritually. All you have to do is to
    activate and open your third eye chakra through meditation. This will
    give you extrasensory perception over time. You will gradually start to
    see shadows, orbs, lights, feel vibrations, hear energetic sounds and
    experience some pretty supernatural things. It depends on how much your
    practice meditation. They can communicate with us telepatically and they
    can hear everything you say or think. If you put out an intention that
    you want to interact and establish a friendly relationship with an
    extraterrestial you will attract these beings to you. This is easy and
    requires little effort. Work on meditations for a week and you will
    awaken to a whole new reality. When you experience a stimuli between
    your eyebrows, this means that your third eye is activated and that
    someone is trying to connect with you. They want to help us and they love us. Much love 🙂

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    Egyptian pyramids are made of slurry

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    aliens are real I was adopted buy them when I was just five years old and then I came back with two gigantic nail scratches on my back

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    best university for astronomy?

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    Your stupid aliens are not real

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    the government would cover-up anything that they don't want the public to know! fuck them! if there were some sort of threat, we should all know about it. police do the same too.

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    I Subscribed BUD!

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    I love your channel man!

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    wouldn't it be wonderful to travel and experience other places where life exist. just the travel would be amazing. of course one would have to be allowed to live a very long time.

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    i miss you creepy voice dude

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    We're not alone

    We have animals!

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    seeing is believing show us proof no videos!!!!

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    hell yeah ,do you think they smoke weed?

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    Do believe that aliens exist? Would you like to meet one?

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