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Lovable Child Dances Behind Reporter | What’s Trending Now

This child has some critically spectacular moves– and we guess the digital camera man had a tough time preserving a straight face. Subscribe for extra movies!

The video: 

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Anna Lore:

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  1.  avatar

    yes I can dance like him probably way better

  2.  avatar

    He goes to my school he's funny

  3.  avatar

    no worries man

  4.  avatar

    That is my best friend I am not joking

  5.  avatar

    his name is rubean

  6.  avatar


  7.  avatar

    i was watchin the news when i saw him p.s i survived the flood I LIVE IN BATON ROUGE

  8.  avatar


  9.  avatar

    why does she say "subscribe" like "shrubscribe"?

  10.  avatar

    Wait till he realizes all the racism in the world won't be dancing for long

  11.  avatar

    Everyone wants to be the person upstaging the presenter lol

  12.  avatar

    Loved it! It's nice to see something funny and positive in the midst of all this racial tension and death going on.

  13.  avatar

    He's adorable now, but in 5-10 years time we all know that this little kid is going to grow up to be a violent criminal BLM terrorist.

  14.  avatar


  15.  avatar

    What's trending is running out of ideas

  16.  avatar

    I can breakdance behind the camera to

  17.  avatar

    Yea i can

  18.  avatar

    Can you dance as well as this kid?

  19.  avatar

    Trump 2016

  20.  avatar


  21.  avatar


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