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Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Business Free) Thursday three/16/17: Right now’s Information, Mark Cube, Anthony Cumia

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    way too much airtime to bow wow the dog, an insult to real dogs.  I had to keep fast forwarding.

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    Arrest for sedition the ones blocking these photos going up and taking them down if already up.  The problem is there are no consequences for any of these little spoiled out-of-control traitors.  They do whatever they want, including openly threatening the president and nothing is done to them.  The country remains lawless if there are no teeth in the laws.  The USA has become an anarchist's dream. Sad to say.

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    impeach the orange weasel!

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    Wow McCain really is the Manchurian candidate!He looks brainwashed standing there disheveled like he,s been up all night smoking crack!And why are people at veterans place,s mad at TRUMP for,he didn't cause all there trouble,s or order the NWO,s war,s all over! people make no sense, Trump s trying to fix shit!What,s up Worcester Boston area,We are surrounded by idiots in this area,We must be like the American,s on TV only actually we want America to do good not worry about every one else,s God Damned Problem,s like the fake liberal,s who only want vote,s or to control your life but don't really care!

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    repeat..repeat repeat…Don't get any news anymore because jones is obsessed with alex baldwin and snoop dog. same thing over and over again.

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    Those interruptions happen when something important is being disclosed.

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    I see the SJW are in their usual form, showing how courageous they are by beating up an elderly man and his little dog, while they are eating dinner! Whats next, beating up infants because their parents voted for Trump? I wouldn't put it past them!

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    The good thing about these lazy bureaucrats who refuse to support our president is that they are now wearing giant signs that say "yeah I'm an asshole so get rid of me". At least I hope they start going down the drain.

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    Alexa communicating with the TV, priceless. 😂

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    Someone tell me where he quoted "Another thing coming" by Judas Priest. I heard it but didnt mark the time. Please help.

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    Snoop dog and Bow wow are both dogs. They sold their soul to the Illuminati. They are scum. No one respects a man that dresses like a weirdo. They are both products of the pimping era that's why they can't act sensible. Think about growing up seeing your mother having one man after the other; pray for them.

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    Alex, bow wow is too brain dead to understand the vocabulary you are using. Please dumb it down for the putrid, cantankerous,vexatious,cannabis ingesting dolt, so that he may respond accordingly. Thank You.

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    I've been saying it for weeks Alex. Obama feels he is President of the North American Union and he supercedes President Trump.

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    C.E.R.N. 666, Nibiru, planet X, Demon Repto government, prove The Return of JESUS. Get right with Jesus NOW,
    It's Hell without HIM.

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    Someone needs to put duct tape over Alex's mouth so he doesn't interrupt his guests. He can then write out questions on a whiteboard or something……….

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    "The Senator from Kentucky is now working with Vladimir Putin…." sounds a lot like Mccarthyism to me…..

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    Jesus fucking christ fight fight fight. on to another video

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    Alex, don't talk to me like you're gonna light me up, dude. I'm a fucking ninja. The way you talk makes people WANt to try you. CAVEman

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    Trump needs to double down and block ALL immigration.

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    For the inevitable crop of you paid trolls calling Alex a "sellout." Don't know how many times I gotta say this, but if I was a multi-billionaire globalist, private kook businessman, or whatever, and I had "bought off" Alex Jones, (meaning: hired him to promote MY agenda.) I'd be pretty disappointed or at least confused by now… Alex doesn't articulate any particular subject (other than being pro-freedom) or pontificate any agenda coherently enough to get a paycheck for it. He alludes to things his listeners/followers would have to research independently for themselves, in order to understand. If a listener ONLY relied on the half sentences, breathless excitement, and self-interrupting, ADHD Alex, and took it all in at face value, without looking things up, I'm not sure what purpose his show would even serve. In conclusion, you have to be able to read, and also be smart to get this show, and your comments about Jones' "agenda" indicate the opposite.

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    Alex you OUTSOURCE your racism to Paul Watson, Milo Yannopolis and Stefan Molyneux. Forigners who arent even in the country.

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    Alex can't stop talking about himself, so gd annoying

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    bow wow the house slave lmfao.

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    McCain is due a "heart attack" I reckon

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    Mr Trump take the gloves off, come out of your corner, and crush the enemies of the people, or they will crush you ! SIMPLE!

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    Mr Trump should be more caring for people that are offended working for him. He should oblige them, by letting them work somewhere else for some one they would be more comfortable working for, and hire people that are happy to work for him.

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