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Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Business Free) Tuesday three/14/17: Dr. Michael Savage, Tim Pool

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    Savage wearing Jordan 🙂

  2.  avatar

    How can anyone watch this 😂

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    Daria stop putting Alex's boots on😄

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    Paul Joseph Watson has a very bright future. He's absolutely articulate & brilliant!

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    DEAR ALEX JONES came down why u are always HYPOCHONDRIA????

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    1:37:53 "You never go FULL Maxine Waters" LMAO add that to the instant classic list! Poor Savage didn't get the reference. Good stuff

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    Savage is wright , I live north of Dallas and it looks like Mexico , I'm about the only white family in 2 blocks radius

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    High risk pools are too simplistic, all the media has to do is show a poor family with a child who has a congenital illness and the bil woud be shot down.
    Rightly so!
    Get a National Health Service and stop screwing around with insurance companies.

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    the rothschild dream is a totalitarian socialist world using the revelations as a blueprint for the agenda

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    I really love Michael Savage and Alex Jones. I'm a black American and of slavery ancestry. I love America no matter what. the rest of the world wish they had it as good as us True Americans.

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    01:00:02 ALL TOGETHER CLASS !!

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    @57:08 It's hilarious- to sit and listen to, and watch the body language of these two huberous control freak pumpkin heads- so used to the Bully Pulpit of their own microphone- constantly interrupt each other- especially the power trip delusional Yenta "Dr." Weiner- who is used to walking all over his callers (if you can make it past his childishly rude screener) and interjecting his own opinion- then hanging up on them (after waiting up to an hour to speak 5 seconds) unless you're a total sycophant- agree with and parrot his every word- then he gives you a book. Two removed, oblivious, multi millionaires- fighting for the last platitude. Sickening.

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    Michael Savage is a nutcase.

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    It takes time and steps, Savage.

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    Michael Savage Attacked During Dinner Outing For Supporting Trump

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    Michael Savage is a cuck. Get him off air. annoying bastard.

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    It was very disappointing to learn that Ron Pearlman is just another scumbag leftie. I used to be a fan.

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    Alex for goodness sake let it go, who cares what they think, the true believers know the truth. Stop giving them air time.

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    I was happy to hear Savage's great view on everything, and how it is very similar to Alex's and all patriotic overviews. I was refreshed to see, however, that Alex did not confirm Savage's glib statements on God and Jesus Christ, which seemed to indicate that Savage is NOT a believer in Christ or deep believer in God's power. Yet, Alex mentions Christ often, and confirms how libertarian viewpoint is supported by Scripture.

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    Mike Savage would surely come on more often, and likely numerous other guests would frequently return, if Alex would at least let the guests give their take on it without consistent interruption from Alex. You have plenty of time to do your own monologues Alex, so let's hear at least 99% of these guests have to say. Okay? Thanks.

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    Is this mistake? I think this is the same exact show from Monday. SNL, Homeland, impersonating me, SNL, Homeland, impersonating me. Come on, bring the news we love you to, not more about just you.

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    Who answers their telephone "on air", with millions of people watching worldwide?? Is this demented or what ?

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