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Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Business Free) Wednesday three/eight/17: Vault 7, Eddie Bravo, Dr. Ed Group

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    Love Eddie Bravo, not sure how people could be butthurt about how he acted on the Rogan podcast.. It was great and I couldn't have laughed harder. 3 guys shootin the shit and talkin conspiracy, news and current events. Perfectly fine with Eddie and all the interruptions (there weren't many and it wasn't annoying).

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    Alex I know you're excited but please stop cutting people off, it really is getting annoying.

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    Alex I know you're excited but please stop cutting people off, it really is getting annoying.

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    Hey I'd like to see Kent Hovind on Alex Jones

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    Oh Eddie.. we love ya

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    SO MUCH LOVE & RESPECT to Dr. Group !! (It'd be better if Alex would let Group finish sometimes.) Shout out to all my fellow infoWARRIORS !!! AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS !!

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    but not alex…you wont get deleted. trump just created that US fully controlled by zionists. Also Trump was decided to be president long time ago…they play with you people . Like you think Brexit is the people??? hahahahahahaha

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    the Pacific Northwest will not be here much longer. as long as I am still here it will remain but soon as I am gone, the real disaster will then begin. stay alert but patient. Amen.

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    just like Noah hearing God's voice recieved the exact blueprinst/schematics for building a boat large enough to house every unperverted animal and Noah' family, just like Abram giving shelter and water to three angels who renamed him as Abraham and told Sarah she would give birth to a son before those angels went and rescued Lot and his family from Sodom and Gammorah, and just like Mary being told she would give birth to the Son of God, I have been shown in the spirit the visual of the book of Revelations.

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    the liberals, the wicked, mock us and scorn us and taunt us but that is what comes before their destruction. these wicked people cannot be saved. but you are and you are being told to listen and obey God and stop talking to theseoccult "strangers" because they are about to meet MY maker who made the universe and the wicked will lose like always. they can't stop it. time for arguing is over. just be patient now.

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    my family, in the spirit, my Christian brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins and parents and grandparents, we are ready to leave. they won't be able to stop this. it has already begun. say your last goodbye to this planet. we won't see it again until all the wicked are once again, dead by God's hand. they want to silence me buttheycan't. they want to distract you but theyhave no power to. they want to tag along but they aren't allowed. the next five years is all they have left.

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    it is time to stop trying to reach the liberal sexual predatory witches. it's their fault God is this mad again. "those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it". George Santayana.

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    while these groomed zombified liberal pedophiles are hypnotized and distracted, we are leaving this planet. the angel holding back the Juan De Fuca plate is about to release it like an over stretched rubberband ready to break. NONE of these people are going to be saved at all. like the residents of Sodom and Gammorah tattoed and pierced from head to toe covered in occult jewelry and symbols they will all die. the Pacific Northwest, MY HOME will be destroyed. the northern half of California will be gone alone with the entire states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, parts of Canada, half of Montana, a large chunk of Nevada and Wyoming. your new west coast will reach the Grand Titons.

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    before that happens, one part has already taken place where Obama tries to cut off access to sugar or in his mind, taxing junk food. we shouldn't be eating that stuff anyways. but now comes the fake "7 year peace treaty" between Isreal and Islam which you have been witnessing being signed and enacted. the entire world ishypnotized except us, you, my family in the spirit who like me are being gathered in a seperate place and removed from this planet. our holy "escorts" are holy creatures known in judaism as the "hayyoth". they are here to escort us out of here.

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    the bible is God's WRITTEN plan to bring this about and why and who will be caught up in it. this one fault line under my very feet is going to set off a series of other smaller earthquakes that will last years NOT MONTHS BUT YEARS and anyone in those "underground bunker/bomb shelters" will be crushed as well. NO ONE underground will survive this. and very few above ground will either. there will be no safe places on this entire planet. and this is what they wish to "censor". from the public but they are marked for death already.

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    imagine as if you are going about your busy day in what looks like and feels like your own home town and suddenly you look up in a clear blue sky to see what looks like earth from another orbitary view. as if you are actually on another planet. and where the Pacific Northwest is NOW, was no longer there. like a melon baller carving out a chunk of an apple. THERE WON'T BE A PACIFIC NORTHWEST anymore. the east cliffs of the "Grand Canyon" will be the new west coast. but you and I won't be here. my spiritual family that includes you, will be removed but not by death.

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    wicca also called "planned parenthood" protected illegally by the ACLU who used Alfred Kinsey's satanic suggestions about changes to the law to create these groomed brainwashed spoiled sluts to begin with. anyhow. they are just as wicked today as they were in the days of Noah. there has not been an earth changing global catastrophe since but there will be really soon. the "Juan De Fuca" plate is going to begin this cataclism (forgive my spelling). Noah was given blueprints of what kind of boat to make before the flood. I have been shown what the pacific northwest will look like after the Juan De Fuca plate finally snaps.

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    Alex, the word for these "zombified" liberal spoiled brats is the word used to describe pedophile brainwashing, the word is "GROOMED". by child molesters Aliester Crowley and Alfred Kinsey and Anton LaVey or LeVay. however you spell it. by the ACLU the pedophile-protection non-discrimination policy is what made these child prostitutes victims to begin with and now the perps themselves. but that's not going to matter much longer. here's why. next post.

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    alex cuts him off whenever he mentions eric dubay gate keeping at its best

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    man where was the compilation with smiegel and luke cut into sjw? I cannot find it.

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    Listen while I still exist!

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    Obama's mom and dad met in Russian English class Wikipedia nuff said!

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    However, strangely enough Chuck there is some truth to your name where you, probably with tongue, in cheek, pronounce to all the world that you are God. But actually in all seriousness we are made in God's image. But this manifestation of Godhood doesn't even approach it's beginning without first doing a handshake deal with our creator. And although we can and will begin to grow into Godhood, nevertheless we will be denied this incredulous opportunity of turning from caterpillar to butterfly if we don't become partakers of that handshake. I was born in 1947 but sometimes I get the sensation that I've lived forever,  which is nothing more than the realisation of my Godhood, promised to me by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,  who is God who became a man. We have been given challenges in this life and the most foremost of these is to love God, which many people unfortunately fail absolutely miserably. They do and say all sorts of things to avoid it. Very simply it's their pride that stops them in a variety of ways; With the preaching forth of that preposterous nonsense, of there being no God, as perhaps being the absolute epitome of complete stupidity. My friend I have already embarked on my eternal journey but no not you. Perhaps in some sort of mad way you feel obliged to deny yourself the pleasure of living forever. I am talking about such a vast new existence so vastly different to this  life that it's unrecognisable. Could it be that you are perceiving that the diminishment of yourself would be so great a requirement, too much to pay, for having to love God, that you won't pay it. I feel quite certain Chuck that you are a reasonably decent person, however that isn't enough. You have to go the whole hog with God. It's all or not at all.  Many won't. Few will. What will you do? For heaven's sake Chuck, Make a decision. The time is now. Your choice buddy.

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    Yes get Eddie on once a month!

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    I didn't think it'd happen but it did. I'm getting sick & tired of hearing Alex say "it's a wonderful time to be alive". Sorry Alex but it's been worn to death and I wish you'd change it to something else. Or' name your radio show 'Its a wonderful time to be alive. Or at least "It's a wonderful life"

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    Jesus Christ Alex Trump s sex bust,s,you got me worried you were becoming a globalist Trump is doing the bust,s not a SUSPECT!!!Why don't they keep playing Obama saying Russia was no threat four year,s ago and tell Vlad I will be more flexible after my election,is he a spy?why are we mad at Russia? because there killing ISIS, bombing hospital s?why would they waste ammo, ISIS are either getting fixed up at these hospital s or there hiding there or with women and children like scumbags,why do we care?give us Afghanistan and the Heroin field s and Russia can have the rest, and why are we mad at Gen Flynn about Turkey?I thought we were friends, seriously,these war MONGER,s are mentally ill!!! OBAMA is NIXON EDGAR HOOVER!

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    Mildew: The Curse- II Chronicles 6:28; I Kings 8:37; Deut. 28:22 The Cure- Romans 5:12-21. KJV1611

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    Dear Mr. Trump. Keep hillary, and barik obima on the run, on there toes, and pumping drugs to sleep and function. It won't take long… The more you pressurize – the more poison they take in. Stay unrelenting, and keep only ones who agree and are capable of unrelenting – – by your side. They are flaming magnesium, and you are the Orville Dam spillway – allowed to occur by our LOOSER – Gov. brown.

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    Ivanka 2025 🙂

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    hey great show you did good eddie we forgive you

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    Okay I'm going crazy now stop interrupting Alex!

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