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AMAZING Child Dances To “All About That Bass” | What’s Trending Now

Taylor Hatala could be 11 years previous, however she will shake it shake it like she purported to do. Do you assume she’s simply naturally this good? Do you assume she’s going to be the subsequent massive factor? Are you feeling sort of jealous of a child proper now?? Subscribe for extra movies!

All About That Bass (DJ Crysis remix) – Matt Steffanina ft. 11-yr-old Taylor Hatala:

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Brendan Bradley:

Edited by Chris Dandridge


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  1.  avatar

    Eh not that much talent more of her just jumping around

  2.  avatar

    Totally racist African American cultural appropriation. Shameful. The biggest insult to African Americans since the KKK.

  3.  avatar

    And also.. Who knows.. Maybe she goes to a dance school?

  4.  avatar

    Plus Matt Steffanina is great, I love watching his dance class videos! His choreography is brilliant and his students are just as talented!

  5.  avatar

    Thing is.. We don't know anything about Taylor so you DONT know how hard she works on her education, she could be as dedicated, diligent and amazing in the classroom as she is in the dance hall, and so what? Maybe there are better dancers who are younger, she's trying to do what she loves, she'll improve and maybe instead of bringing her down, you could support her! Honestly, she's JUST 11!

  6.  avatar

    I love Matt Stefinina

  7.  avatar

    This is really good

  8.  avatar

    'I'm sorry cripster, where are you hanging out' Hahahaha

  9.  avatar


  10.  avatar

    Education is more important than dancing ever will be. The way you downplayed education just makes you and this channel look like fools.

  11.  avatar

    every dancer I KNOW and have grown up with…(me being a professional dancer now and have gone to college for it) have ALWAYS been, just about ALL, straight A students. dancers are taught that perfection is key their whole lives, and so, perfectionism does NOT JUST STOP in the studio.
    also- most studios WILL NOT allow a certain number of performances/classes unless grades are kept to the highest standard. And honestly, i haven't seen an issue EVER with dance directly effecting grades anywho.(ive now been teaching all styles of dance for over 7years)
    that's all i have to say..if others believe different so be it.. ya'll never grew up with TRUE dancers then.😘

  12.  avatar

    Well my life seems like crap now compared to her. Sigh

  13.  avatar

    When I was 11 I could dance better than her and I still can.

  14.  avatar

    Not at all you dance so good

  15.  avatar

    Should be in request

  16.  avatar


  17.  avatar

    In the class room I bet she doesn't man ow what 10+9 is

  18.  avatar

    She's so amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19.  avatar

    I think she should be a dancer because yea she could still be in school and be a dancer that's what I'm doing I mean like yea she should focus on school a lot more but its her life she could do whatever she wants to do if she wants to quit school and dance she could its nobody's decision but hers so people should mind there own businesses and let her do her and make her money by dancing cause dancers get a lot of money and she is really good so she should keep dancing and stay pretty and awesome

  20.  avatar

    If you want to see more amazing kid dancers, check out the art of teknique. They have tons of videos on YouTube and have been in a movie.

  21.  avatar

    Very average tsk! Tsk!

  22.  avatar

    Lucky aces r better

  23.  avatar

    She should dance to Jason wiggle

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