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Superb Revenge On Man Who Steals Package deal | What’s Trending Now

In case you’re gonna steal somebody’s Amazon package deal, first make sure that they are not gonna come proper after you. Subscribe for extra movies!

Man Takes Package deal, Proprietor Takes Purse:

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  1.  avatar

    Thank god i don't live in a neighborhood where this happens

  2.  avatar

    Just make a bomb and put it on your front porch! HA! I tried but no one steals around here, lucky for them.

  3.  avatar

    Couldn't they come up with a better-looking host than this punk Jay?

  4.  avatar

    Hehe, what kind of stupid ass company leaves stuff outside like this?! It's amazing. What country is this? Dumb ass people.

  5.  avatar

    I put a turd in a box on my porch and it got stolen.

  6.  avatar

    In Texas, this crap would get you shot! 🙂

  7.  avatar

    I love this

  8.  avatar

    The druggies making crystal meth in my building also steal packages left in the hallway or actually sign for them with a phony signature. I've had all my packages sent to another location nearby which I can pick up when I get home. I've been doing this for 20+ years because nothing is safe in my building. I prefer that to having to stay home to catch the drugged cretins stealing.

  9.  avatar

    Feel like i got click baited? ???

  10.  avatar

    I wish people would grab my package 😢😢

  11.  avatar

    Dam right I'd chase them. Usually I order birthday/Xmas presents for my kids so I'll be dammed if some sticky fingers is going to get them

  12.  avatar

    I was unaware that a throbbing justice boner was a thing.

  13.  avatar

    Someone stealing your mail?…. Make a fucking nail bomb and detonate it when they take it.

  14.  avatar

    I would break his legs

  15.  avatar

    My weapon of choice is a sawed-off baseball bat with a spike driven in it just deep enough to cause permanent brain damage if applied correctly. Yet to use it. Can't wait.

  16.  avatar

    In the world males between to ages of 18-25 are involved in most crime and violence. In America the leading group is black males. Sorry, the truth hurts. How about we bring up our kids to respect the law instead of romanticizing thugs who are drug dealers and pimps in movies and on TV? Maybe the world would be a BETTER place. Better kids, better adults, less crime and violence.

  17.  avatar

    So only white people steal packages? Doesn't seem plausible.

  18.  avatar

    You sound like Barack Obama lol. Awesome

  19.  avatar

    I need a rabid Honey Badger, like ASAP to eviscerate my neighbors "thieving habbit".

  20.  avatar

    wow this guy is annoying

  21.  avatar

    Just wondering in which other countries do the couriers leave packages at the door?
    Over here they need your signature at delivery time.

  22.  avatar

    A guy in Tacoma Washington uses blank boxes with a shotgun shell inside that "Booms" when lifted… haha it actually worked a few times i guess? Fuck these thieves! Get a fucking job and buy your own shit!

  23.  avatar

    i would be ok with lopping fingers off if you get caught stealing. It wouldn't take long for the message to be clear to everyone.

  24.  avatar

    Unfunny guy is unfunny

  25.  avatar

    I have an 8 camera system with night vision. It's great, power over Ethernet makes it easy, 1 wire for power and data, it would be impossible to have an outlet for every camera.

    I've gotten sideswiped which totaled my car, beautiful hit and run. Was able to catch the guy hours later. He didn't even hit the brakes, easily could've been a person. Disgusting.

    2. Just yesterday I was able to prove my neighbor has been throwing shards of glass for my dog to cut her feet on. She can't be in his yard, there's a wall, he just knows I'm handicapped and can't find or get it all. You'd think that cleaning and keeping up would be good enough. This guy owns apartments, he ratted out his own tenant, said I did it, now they try to assault me, and he's losing them because they don't want to live next to me. You get that? He lost his own tenant to make them hate me. He's insane, he was yelling into my window and I do mean IN my window "hey hey wounded warrior" nice huh? If I had a body I would've kicked his ass by now.

    Buy cameras. Search google my word of a dvice, make sure to get the systems with SPOE (simplified power over Ethernet) if you can plug a house phone into the wall, you can do the same thing on a camera.

  26.  avatar

    This package stealing has become a nationwide epidemic. Why don't these delivery companies like UPS or USPS NOT LEAVE PACKAGES ON DOORSTEPS?! Make those people, who aren't home, goto their local pick up office and get it themselves. I specifically told my mailman to not leave packages in front of my house if it doesn't fit through my gate. I have no problem with going to the post office to pick up the package.

  27.  avatar

    I've never understood this about America. The post just leaves your package out in the open? That's like asking for it to be stolen. Do they then pay you for your lost package? And how come people aren't abusing the system, I mean you could just say you never got your package and no one would ever know.

  28.  avatar

    Just show the video, sans crappy jokes

  29.  avatar

    I leave my package out all the time hoping someone will grab it. No luck so far. 😞

  30.  avatar

    Should.have shot him

  31.  avatar

    Just show the clips, stop trying to be funny, your not.

  32.  avatar

    No racist comments?! I wonder why?!

  33.  avatar

    Open the fucking door if you're home

  34.  avatar

    I got a throbbing justice package 📦 watching this video!

  35.  avatar

    I'd get in my car & chase them while calling cops & giving descriptions & streets they are driving.
    They wouldn't be able to out run me! I'm a race car driver in my mind. 🙂

  36.  avatar

    Yea I'd chase him!? kick the shit out his car! fucker would've have a $1000 maaco bill for the cost of my $20 earbuds.

  37.  avatar

    Package thieves are the worst types of humans.

  38.  avatar

    Just take the day off and shoot them through the mailslot. Where are the insane killers out there. We can employ them to teach these people a lesson when they are tied up in a chair!

  39.  avatar

    Lmao, stole the purse. Good way to identify people responsible.

  40.  avatar

    Just have your stuff delivered to your workplace.

  41.  avatar

    No I wouldn't chase them but I would throw a brick at their car!

  42.  avatar

    J walker you cool dude….from an englishman

  43.  avatar

    Nearly all of these videos show white people and women doing this. What's up with that?

  44.  avatar

    annoying kid. JUST SHOW THE CLIPS nobody wants to hear you!

  45.  avatar


  46.  avatar

    Paranormal snatch

  47.  avatar

    10 lbs of Tannerite and a firecracker should solve that

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