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ANGRY Horse STOMPS Alligator! | What’s Trending Now!

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  1.  avatar

    stop trying to be funny cause you're not

  2.  avatar

    I remember when "What's Trending" was trending and the had views to pay the likes of Anna Lore, Jay Walker & Ava Gordy to do live commentary… now we have this betch

  3.  avatar

    Btw you air headed ditz (probably a lez too,) btw you air headed ditz, horses don't lay eggs moron, horses have their offspring the natural way, they give birth to a baby horse, my gosh are you clueless about everything in life and how things really are and are supposed to be, follow satan and his ways and things much instead of following God and His ways and things?! Probably so as most do today! Btw people, if u want to see a video of this where some airheaded lez ditz isn't sitting there running her moronic pie hole and just want to see the video then type in horse stomps alligator and the poster/channel will be timepass. It actually shows the video without a lezbo sitting there running her pie hole thinking she knows everything and that she's got everything right, after all she said horses lay eggs and that the alligator tried to eat the horses eggs and that that's why the horse stomped the alligator, my gosh LMAO! People are really extremely stupid today/these days with no common sense whatsoever, just as God/the bible said they'd be in the last days right before Christ returns. Alligators lay eggs, LMAO ROFL MY GOSH REALLY?!?! I bet this lady thinks roosters lay eggs too lmao.

  4.  avatar

    Lady we wanted to see the video of the horse stomping the alligator, not you and your pie hole sitting there bla bla bla ing away trying to get yourself some look at me time and not you trying to get some recognition and a little fame etc. All I heard a seen was a mouthpiece and not a good looking one at that with a really annoying voice and someone you can tell that's stuck up and worldly and that's all about me and clueless and an airhead and a ditz. Smh. My people are extremely stupid.

  5.  avatar

    The horse what protecting his herd. Why the hell are people feeling sorry for the alligator? Or did they hope it'd eat one of the horses?

  6.  avatar

    you're one annoying bitch. I clicked to watch the video, not to see a horse-faced skag blabbing.

  7.  avatar

    He's protecting his herd
    Alligator's are known to grab foals.
    "Just leave him alone?"
    Are you kidding me?
    What if that alligator had your child?
    And a adult human would try to save him
    Would you say the same thing?
    I doubt it

  8.  avatar

    I think the horse is the alpa and just protecting his herd.

  9.  avatar

    A horse is a horse,
    Of course, of course

  10.  avatar

    Son of a gun!

  11.  avatar

    Ok the reason the horse stomped on him was because the gator is a threat to his herd and if he didn't the herd would be like dude why aren't you protecting us the horse even gave off several warning signs to the gator before he stomped on him he was just doing his job as the lead stallion he's not being mean he's just being a horse

  12.  avatar

    "Baby Horse Eggs" – Kevin the "Biologist"

  13.  avatar

    isnt that the whole point of the wild and being wild animals!? to do whatever the fuck you want. I don't see the emotional part of this. it looks badass though!

  14.  avatar

    whore s

  15.  avatar

    The host looks like a hybrid between a horse and an alligator. Check out her toothy mouth and long face.

  16.  avatar

    Finish Him

  17.  avatar

    Horse eggs wtf

  18.  avatar

    hi ama from musical.lly

  19.  avatar


  20.  avatar


  21.  avatar

    Baby horse eggs 😂😂

  22.  avatar

    2nd like

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