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BBC Reporter SLAPPED After Grabbing Boob | What’s Trending Now!

BBC Reporter Slapped After Grabbing Boob

Whereas reporting concerning the election in the UK whileon location, BBC Reporter Ben Brown acquired slapped by a passerby after he pushes her away by the boob. Reporting reside from the sector might be troublesome. There’s all the time somebody who sees a digital camera and needs to get in on the motion.


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  1.  avatar

    Jesus why is there so many dislikes

  2.  avatar

    Rude reporter. Deserves a real slap on the face with high harmonic sound

  3.  avatar

    LOL, the woman was almost flat. That's why he probably didn't noticed he had a handful.

  4.  avatar

    Hobo with a shotgun rang….he wants his cardigan back.

  5.  avatar

    he tried to push her arm but she moved it up…

    cant stand this girl's jaw btw

  6.  avatar


  7.  avatar

    Lucky guy

  8.  avatar

    Ben Brown is a typical BBC PERVERT.

  9.  avatar

    why would he intentionally grab her boob though, he's far better looking than her. I wouldn't want to grab her boob

  10.  avatar

    this is funny ❤❤

  11.  avatar

    Why does she look homeless?

  12.  avatar

    so? a woman can grab me by the balls if she wants to push me away. I think it's kinda hot actually

  13.  avatar

    Of course he couldn't tell that he touched her boob she doesn't even have anything there #flatchested

  14.  avatar

    The stupid bitch should not have interrupted and besides he was pushing her out of the way and probably didn't even realize he accidentally touched her fucking boob.

  15.  avatar

    Straight guys:It was an accident
    Everyone else in the world:he did it on purpose!!!!

  16.  avatar

    why did this stupid shit pop up in my recommended

  17.  avatar

    Shira Lazar, you Sexy !

  18.  avatar

    Definitely creepy power move.

  19.  avatar

    Stupid bitch he clearly did it by mistake

  20.  avatar

    if this was in the states he woulda got knocked tf out

  21.  avatar

    yeah he look her and then grab her boob asshole

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