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Lovely Taiwanese McDonald’s Worker Turns into An Web Movie star | What’s Trending Now

One McDonald’s worker in Taiwan is gorgeous sufficient that she’s turning into an web superstar! Subscribe for extra movies!

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Shira Lazar:

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  1.  avatar

    I guess that dog diet that she's been on has been working. It only gives me acne 😭

  2.  avatar

    I do believe I have found my future wife… Of course, only when I am asleep and dreaming of her, but still…

  3.  avatar

    I'd eat her mc muffin and stuff her with my mc sausage

  4.  avatar

    I think it's a droid, bit disrespectful.

  5.  avatar

    In Taiwan, it's normal to act and look kawaii. It's not only at McDonalds. Asians place a lot of importance in looking presentable.

  6.  avatar


  7.  avatar

    She is cute but no one should ever think she is hot she looks like 12 year old.

  8.  avatar

    Yeah I want a cute McDonalds Girl at McDonalds! 😃

  9.  avatar

    I don't wanna be arrested she looks a little girl… But in all honesty, Asian girls don't go outside often, they really hate the sun as Devil. And they use countless lotions and etc … Huh?

  10.  avatar

    TAIWAN #1

  11.  avatar

    Asian people are beautiful.

  12.  avatar

    not really into asian girls

  13.  avatar

    i dont get it..all asian girls look like this

  14.  avatar

    she's very pretty but she looks way young which I suppose asians love!

  15.  avatar

    Lol at all the fatties getting triggered by men complimenting a beautiful woman.

  16.  avatar

    French crown-princes were also called Dolphins or Dauphins.

  17.  avatar

    She's so cute!!!!

  18.  avatar

    She's not a hot chick she's a cute little girl…

  19.  avatar

    lmao@ 1:26 ….."but it's not just about her looks, she also does cute things…here's a video of her twirling her arms" –UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED

  20.  avatar

    I have a tai gf 😀 yay!

  21.  avatar

    I would be down with seeing a hot chick in mcdonalds

  22.  avatar

    Man they even got the Taiwanese selling nasty ass american cancerous food.

  23.  avatar

    yes mcdonalds stop objectifying women ..that's hollywood's job, …your job is to get everyone fat….smh

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