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Conspiracy Theories

Ben 10 | Aliens in Motion: OVERFLOW! | Cartoon Community

Take a look at these superior ACTION-PACKED moments of OVERFLOW! Who’s your favourite Ben 10 alien? Tell us within the feedback under.

Ben 10 | Aliens in Motion:…


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  1.  avatar

    Yea overflow is my alien favorite

  2.  avatar

    Overflow?? I though it was Waterhazard

  3.  avatar

    Overflow look kinda like water hazard.

  4.  avatar

    What is the difference between Overflow and Waterhazard?

  5.  avatar

    i am love ben 10 but i am want to watch the original

  6.  avatar

    Ice Bear i always thought that was water hazed

  7.  avatar

    Exlr8 should be uses more

  8.  avatar

    if you cancel this show do it only in usa please

  9.  avatar

    What did they do to Water Hazard now all they did was redesign him give him a new name and, "water" him down XD I hate myself

  10.  avatar

    I love the new alien

  11.  avatar

    R.I.P Rip jaw

  12.  avatar

    Well I've checked all of the aliens of this show and I can conclude that half of them like too humanoid and the other half look like Jumba's rejected experiments escaped from lilo and stitch.

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  14.  avatar

    Are you setting out to destroy my childhood?

  15.  avatar

    My childhood is dead.

  16.  avatar

    its not bad and I've seen it progress to slowly get better throughout its episodes

  17.  avatar

    This show and TTG is worse than The Holocaust

  18.  avatar

    If they're just gonna renew dead shows,then I better see some new Sym bionic titan!

  19.  avatar

    Not really much different than a previous alien, but at least it isn't named Water Hazard.

  20.  avatar

    What mean

  21.  avatar

    Wow what a great original alien (cough) water hazard rehash. Hmm must be getting sick

  22.  avatar

    season 4 tf rid smokescreen

  23.  avatar

    hey, why can't i go to the Cartoon Network channel?, it says " the channel is not available"

  24.  avatar

    How do you ruin Ben 10, HOW?

  25.  avatar

    A.K.A. Water Hazard.

  26.  avatar

    Don't cancel teen titans go or this show

  27.  avatar

    End this cancer

  28.  avatar

    cartoon network just air 2 of your best shows the teen titans and adventure time the adults like adventure time and the kid like teen titans go not just teen titans go every single day that means half of your fan base don't like it and the other have like it what about You do that that means 100 percent of you fan like it

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  30.  avatar

    ttg and this show (hated in usa) are perfect in latin america
    learn spanish and see

  31.  avatar

    Nothing But Hate for this terrible Reboot & Nothing but Down vote each upload

  32.  avatar

    Liked for the alien: design/ability set.

  33.  avatar

    Is this an alien or a robot with a water gun?

  34.  avatar

    this is not that bad

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