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Brazilian Bride’s BRO BRIDESMAIDS! | What’s Trending Now!

Brazilian Bride’s Bro Bridesmaids!

Rebeca Sinohara, a 24-year-old from Brazil, goes viral together with her wedding ceremony preparation pictures that includes a gaggle of all-male bridesmaids. Rebeca was a pc engineering scholar, and did not make any shut girlfriends. When it got here time to take wedding ceremony prep pictures, she determined to name on her group of man pals.

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  1.  avatar

    Okay what's trending let's just go ahead and give Ava and Candace their own show

  2.  avatar

    YAY!!! AVA

  3.  avatar

    I believe that he put the 'h' back since it was originally Hadrian, like back in the roman times when some dude called Hadrian built a wall…

  4.  avatar

    I'm new…and I think she reminds me of Rebecca surgar

  5.  avatar

    give me more ava!!

  6.  avatar

    Ava yaaaaasssss

  7.  avatar

    Did I come her and subscribe because​of Ava's Snapchat and Ava in general? You bet I did!

  8.  avatar

    Based on the order of the photos, it looks like the guys just faked shaving their legs. Which is totally smart, it was just for a funny picture and would've been awkward for a long time otherwise.

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  11.  avatar

    She back!

  12.  avatar

    yay. Ava's back

  13.  avatar

    Didn't you work at Clevver now?

  14.  avatar

    Bromenists Unite!!

  15.  avatar

    Best pictures ever, right?!

  16.  avatar

    AVVVVVAAAAAAAA!!!!! MISS YOUUUUUUUU!!!! PLEASE DO MOREEEEE!!!! Subscribe for more Ava??? Yess?

  17.  avatar

    I don't care what is in this video I continued watching it because this host is back that I don't know her name but I like her she is funny and beautiful and I'm happy she is back

  18.  avatar

    They had a huge orgy

  19.  avatar

    if I get married one day I'll also have brosmaids because all my best friends are men

  20.  avatar


  21.  avatar

    Avas back!!!!! 🎉🎊

  22.  avatar

    Ava's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23.  avatar

    something i will do lol

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  25.  avatar

    Welcome back Ava!

  26.  avatar

    I'm the first like;-;

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