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BREAKING: Invoice Clinton Will get Horrific Information, He Deserves This.

Prime Tales Immediately – BREAKING: Invoice Clinton Will get Horrific Information, He Deserves This. ⭐ Please Donate & Help This Channel: …


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    Gotten away with too much for too long.

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    They have always used their power to be above the law.

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    I hope in 2018, we going to stop all that hate on both sides and live in peace, at least we should try because tomorrow might not come.

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    Thumbs up if you think I'm a rapist

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    Justice for Danny Williams!

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    I agree Clintons held responsible for their wicked ways

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    poor, old , horny Clinton.  if I had to go home to Hillary every night, who could blame him

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    I hope people believe this women. I hope Bill Clinton will be punished for what he did.

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    These 2 corrupt evil people dragged this great country down to the level of Mexico, maybe worse. Ugly inside and out, both of them. They are getting what they want though…constant attention. At our expense. Both are an embarrassment. Neither has contributed anything worthwhile their entire lives.

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    Bill Clinton won in 1992 not with a majority but with a plurality against both George H w Bush and Ross Perot. Further more he won because heavy weights in the Democratic Party Mario Coumo, and Joe Biden fresh off his 88 scandel of plagiarism did not run. George H W Bush was perceived as unrelatable, and here was Bill Clinton the come back kid. He doubled down on his youth and new ideas by nominating for Vice President Al Gore not to win his home state of Tennessee, but they were the fresh faces that campaign season. As for 1996 I've said it agiain as I said it before Bill Clinton won over the ever obnoxious and too far reaching Newt Gangrich. In that you have almost three decades of democrats running away from them selves. The only thing of worth from that time to now Obamacare . It was heavily compromised by the lobbyists but it is a good start point not an ending, and it is the only legacy of the Democratic Party in more then fifty years.

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    Hillary covered for Bill and Weinstein. She would never qualify for a leader to an ant hill let alone this country.

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    Hang him by his gonads.

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    Yup he should pay the piper

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    Yup he should pay the piper

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    Yup he should pay the piper

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    Yup he should pay the piper

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    Send Hillary, Obama, Rice, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Weissmann, Clapper, Lerner, Rosenstein, Schultz, Rogers, and Sessions to PRISON! Drain the SEWER! End the two tired Injustice System! Sessions is guilty of a Lying to Congress (Perjury), Criminal Conspiracy, and Cover-Up… Fire & Prosecute the Malignant Demented Dwarf Sessions! Sessions is a Low-Life SWAMP RAT… Trump needs to go Outside Government to find good people!

    There is No Better "SLAVE" than a "SLAVE" that thinks he is “FREE”! Take Back Your "Rights" and your Government! End the Police/Deep State and Make the US Constitution the "Law of the Land" again!

    Dwight D. Eisenhower – “Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master.”

    Ronald Reagan – "Government is not the solution, government is the problem."

    Benjamin Franklin – “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”

    Judge Napolitano on Government –
    Andrew Napolitano – The Lying Class –
    Napolitano: America is becoming a Surveillance State –
    Judge Napolitano On The "PATRIOT" Act –
    The Story of Your Enslavement –
    The Truth About Republicans –
    The Ballad Of Jeff Sessions –

    Comey hid the uranium deal from Congress: Gregg Jarrett –
    America’s Top Fears 2017 – Chapman University Survey of American Fears –
    If You Hate Poverty –
    Build the Wall –
    The Gospel According to Government –
    How the States Can Save America –
    Be Honest! Are YOU Still Afflicted with THIS Insane Mindset? –
    KrisAnne Hall –
    1984 LAPD and LASD Drones READ DESCRIPTION –
    "ISM" … "Make Mine Freedom" (1948) –
    Is Silicon Valley Building the Infrastructure for a Police State? –
    Contact the President and tell him what you think –

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    CLINTON,COSBY, WEINSTEIN,  all PIGS who did it to SLUT WOMEN who got paid with FAME and FORTUNE .. 20 30 FOURTY YEARS AGO! Now they want to claim they were innocent little girls.. THEY WERE SLUTS who knew exactly what they were doing when they did it.! Now they want some interest. Interviews, Books, Lawsuits. Their BODIES ARE OLD now! SO A NEW SCAM!!!

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    All the so called victims are not getting PAID for interviews and BOOKS they will write.. is this true? HOW ABOUT BIG LAW SUIT SETTLEMENTS . INTEREST from their body sales 20 + yrs ago…HAHAHAH OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT FOR THE HOOKER, BLACKMAILER, EXTORTION!same with any people who took out of court settlements from Michael jJackson.. either the extorted an innocent Michael or they pimped out their kids.. you chose.

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    Embarrassing! Where's CNN? Oh I forgot the ConivingNetoworkNews is busy looking for racist remarks and saying Starbucks is feminist. Lol!!

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    All of the clintons are pigs and perverts

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    When are they going to hand out indictments

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    Play real problem in America is the fact the insurance companies along with the lawyers have hijack everything and I do mean everything if you look at it everyone in Washington DC is a freaking liar lawyer talk to text somehow transmits it but anyhow these lawyers perpetuate their own species another words any bill that is passed into law will absolutely help only the lawyers and the insurance companies and that is the true unspoken word media is not going to cover it but of course they are promoted and paid by the insurance companies and they're good buddies the lawyers the Common Man is left out there with maybe a decent home and two cars for one for himself and his wife but they are insured to the hilt and they both have to have it at least one or two lawyers if they are any kind of business people and you guys know exactly what I'm talking about I am finally free from all that crap but I know exactly what time it is

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    Denial is crazy to me the globalist and of course that's exactly who they are and what is going on have always been strong proponents 4 right rape and all kinds of child sodomy and you name it people I think that is one of the reasons that way or at this time they have been caught they have been exposed and they're like a snake that spend down good will always triumph!!!!

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    I would love to see him get the justice he deserves. Unfortunetely what he really deserves is against the law.

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    He will not be held accountable until he is dead and judged. He is too old and knows too many dirty secrets. He and his wife r murderers, from JFK junior, to two Arkansas boys to her x liver in Arkansas to gadaffi and the journalist who were trying to expose them and list goes on.

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    make America great agian, down with the Clintons.

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    I think exile his ass somewhere. Let nature take care of the rest.

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    SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE WITH THE CLINTONS…the buck STOPS HERE. If something is not done, this ABUSE will go on for years to come with other politicians. NO ONE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW!!!

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    Have all women do a lie detector on live t.v., passing of course…then Bill & Hillary's turn ! I can hear the democratic excuses spewing now . Guarantee ya all women would be for it 100%

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    he should be punished sorry for typo

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