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BREAKING: Lifeless Our bodies Simply Discovered In Subject After Hillary Begged For Forgiveness And Didn’t Get It.

Prime Tales At present – BREAKING: Lifeless Our bodies Simply Discovered In Subject After Hillary Begged For Forgiveness And Did not Get It. ⭐ Please Donate & Help This …


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    They should as God the father in heaven saids in the old testament. Put wickedness away from you. That means deads. End the murderer.

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    She will be the next POTUS, after Trump 2nd term, them America will be destroyed from inside.

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    we demand a hanging capitol punishment……

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    The Clintons are worst then the 1930s mafia wars

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    Has anyone thought about the fact that the satanists reverse things,what if satan doesn't have a son but a daughter.

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    I always knew Killary is worse than Jezabel in history . Again the same question, when? Why? What? They will jail those crooks. I don’t believe a single thing now.

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    Imagine that! A helicopter pilot with a jihadist name. Hmmmm.

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    The scary part is if evil Hillary had became President the NWO would have had the motive and opportunity to move right on in slaughtering millions in 2018, Thank God this will not happen.

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    What a load of made up BS.

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    Who did hillary murder?Someone tell me.

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    Please tell me ..what other criminals should we put her in with. Cheny,bush1,bush2, Clinton,Regan,Ford..they were all crooks. Bit yet the people involved with 9-11 go free. Our government knew what was going down, but we needed that war. So who goes to jail 1st?

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    Big deal… So she new them. And how is this bad news except for th w children

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    Democrats are known to have people killed off since before the Kennedys so this is the usual for them crooked all the way.

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    Why all d lies nobody will believe it

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    Are you people this stupid??? REALLY, you people who believe this shit are the poster children for why we need better education in the USA,

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    WOW ! You people will believe anything,, Are you that stupid ??

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    You cannot blame ATC. Pilots are responsible for not crashing their aircraft!

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    nah roth took a powder,he went out the side door,when you're dead they don't look for ya

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    it's too bad that the plane and the helicopter didn't crash into Lord Rothschild estate killing all of them are all Pure Evil satanic worshipping pieces of s***

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    its a kill off to keeep the secrets hiding its all business for the corperations?

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    time travel secrets and a lot lot more?just saying.

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    It's always just a matter of time until the next incident with more important dead bodies that could potentially implicate Killary. A path of destruction follows her wherever she goes. Thank God she did not get voted in as President!

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    Karma is coming!

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    Atleast ilegal for politsjans to asosiate whit private persons in a job related surcumstanse,like it is unlawfull for a private induvidual to apoach a policemann or agent regarding any case.

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    Its time to desmantle the elite

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    looks like lesbefriends…

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    im just saying a plane should be able to see a helicopter from miles away. And most places that have houses with helicopter pads have a no fly zone around area quarter to a half mile with only police and EMS helicopters can fly thou.

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    Wow, are you guys proud of these scumbag things, it is sad you would rather killl then fix

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    Trump is getting the military in place to put martial law in effect for the NWO

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    All this criminal exposure is just to keep you distracted while Trump prepares to put martial law on Americas ass and take them to FEMA prison/death camps. WAKE THE HELL UP!

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    Jacob Rothschild is alive and well. He is in hiding and now Soros is also hidng underground in one of the luxury underground cities/bases in America paid for by taxpayers.

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    She's Fucked!

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    Drain Swamp Iowa! Official Misconduct is Evidenced but oversight authorities remain depravedly Indifferent. You Tube: IOWA CORRUPT JUDGES COURTS POLICE 2

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    Where is the old BAG?

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    Bull, this is just what i said would happen. Lets see, McCain, Bill, and Hillery are next. I would not be surprised that if Hillery had a double, that will be who we would find. Please, Donald Trump is smarter then that!!!!!!!!

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    She's just like that bich that said let them eat cake

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    This is the MOST CROOKED PERSON ON PLANET EARTH…SECOND….Mr NO Bama….oh yeah tarmac deal maker Loretta Lynch what a bunch of criminals!! I cannot BELIEVE ANY REAL AMERICAN….Would think of voting for her!!.but the Libtard DEMONCRATs DID!.

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    I sure hope it was Jacob Rothschild and i hope he suffered like all the people in countries that his family had destroyed

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