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BREAKING: FBI Caught In Main Cowl-Up, It’s All Going Public.

Prime Tales Immediately – BREAKING: FBI Caught In Main Cowl-Up, It is All Going Public. ⭐ Please Donate & Help This Channel: …


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    ⭐ Please Donate & Support This Channel:

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    The Democrats divide in this country by race and until we open our eyes and look at the full picture and come together as one this is the way it always will be

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    How many crimes can this bitch pull off without any accountability for christs sake ??? Is it any wonder people have so little regard for the law ??? Jesus !!! talk about a two tiered justice system !!!!

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    We ALL KNOW what the Phoenix airport meeting was about , My question is WHEN will the people involved be held accountable for their actions .. ? It doesn't make sense to me to tell the public that law's were broken and then NOTHING is done about it ..

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    And I'll bet you that it's also connected to the Vegas shooting

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    There really wasn't any documents on the tarmac meeting but now they've had time to manufactured documents to help the cover up

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    Lynch major threat to American people that's sometimes we have to spill blood to have changes just remember those words young lady cuz we're coming after you

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    And nothing happens… Videos like this sometimes offer a glimpse of hope – hope that justice will finally be served – but time after time, nothing ever happens. Face it, people: The criminals, including the traitors, have gotten away with everything. Nothing has happened, is happening, or will ever happen to the evil ones.

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    And put Comey in there too along with Lynch and slick Willy Billy and Hillary and Obummer too!!! LOCK THEM ALL UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY SO THEY NEVER GET OUT!!!

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    Judicial Watch already received those pages and the points of the conversation have been blacked out…. per Judicial Watch video I watched on their channel.

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    Everyone who lied, should be fired immediately PERIOD…

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    Ok now what just more talk or is something going to happen

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    Discussing Grandchildren and children could only take 30 pages, if Bill was trying to explain the hideous creature Chelsea.

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    Yes, it’s about time.

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    Keeps on coming soon or later they are toasted just look at them : OBAMA HUSSEIN . KILLIARY and WILLY WILLY POO POO CLINTON and no other The Godfather of all of them you guessed it the one and only GEORGEEEEEEEEEEEESOURRRRRRRRSOROSSSSSSS GEORGE SOROS THE GODFATHER OF THEM ALL PLEASE WELCOME THE ONE AND ONLYYYYYYYYY GEORGYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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    Lynch lynch.

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