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BREAKING: Tens of millions Of Grasping Illegals Simply Acquired Their Butts Booted By Trump After He Discovered SICK Factor

Prime Tales At this time – BREAKING: Tens of millions Of Grasping Illegals Simply Obtained Their Butts Booted By Trump After He Discovered SICK Factor They Have been Secretly Doing. ⭐ Please…


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    Great I love president Trump, I am a citizen for 30 years I have worked hard having 2 jobs and never collected welfare, to me and my family anybody collecting welfare it is a shame unless you really need it.

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    Quit feeding the piegions and they will go home…

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    ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL Deport!!

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    Get rid off DACA and their chain migration . The one that are here will be bringing hordes of relatives into our country . They populate like rats , their families have 5 to 7 or more kids , they will sep like leeches our taxes for schools , health care , welfare galore !!!! NO. MORE PARASITES !!!!!!

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    Some Fresh Mexicans are okay but overall I'm happy as fuk to be white if you're not white you're not right illegal drug pushers waiting for you on the corner help yourself yeehaw oink oink boink boink baaaaaa

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    Obama should be deported with the illegals and sent back to Kenya

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    Welfare was designed to temporarily assist mothers of fallen soldiers. It was NEVER meant to carry anyone. Especially these whore moms who lay on their backs supporting the low life men screwing them and producing bastard children.

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    Why do Mexicans have a problem parking legally? Can they not read English?
    They ignore parking signs like they are not even there and take up 4 parking spots?

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    All illegal immigrants/migrants are criminals !!!! They came to parasite , use American taxpayer , OBoomer didnt care, he himself as Muslim and black imposter , hates our country. How is it ? This black mosquito , community organizer from Chicago was elected President in 2008 ? Skiny , black mosquito in the White House ? LIER,
    Iier, LIER . Community organizer from Chicago is now multi millionair still living in D.C. not in JAIL ????

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    President Trump is liked all over the EU as many want the immigrants out of their country and want changes made in their government much like those that Trump had I acted here in the US.

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    lt is about time we need a refund.

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    We need educated immigrants who WANT to become a legal immigrant & work legally/pay taxes & assimilate into our American culture.
    That way we will get a ready-to-work-and-pay-their-way as soon as they come into the USA.
    And they MUST be vetted BEFORE they come here.
    They also MUST pay for their immediate family members thst come to America with them.
    Then they will NOT be a drain on our American systems or a danger to our American culture/way oc life.

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    It's about bloody time that the American people are put 1st in America! I am tired of our tax dollars going to support lazy illegal immigrants while American vets, elderly, disabled, and low income people go without. Please note that I said "ILLEGAL" immigrants, not all immigrants. We finally have a president with some backbone and his priorities straight. AMERICAN people first, then LEGAL immigrants. Americans being discriminated against in their own country. You can thank the previous administration for that one.

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    It's about time the USA has someone in office (@POTUS) that is doing something about the cost we Americans incur due to laws on the books that give illegal and legal immigrants benefits that no American is entitled to receive.
    The world has known if they can cross our borders they can live and be educated for FREE.
    @POTUS will stop this free living and where applicable get them out of our country! Yes, yes, yes go President Trump.

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    They are right, immigrants built this great country. period. These immigrants built, and created a great country that they lived in all their lives and governed to MAINTAIN a great country for their children. Lately immigrants come to drain, destroy and change this great country in a way to resemble their homelands. I do not give the slightest thought of going to their countries, please stay out of mine. In the USA we try, sometimes stupidly, to MAINTAIN our way of life. The new immigrants do not buy into this. Go and fun off and play with war and destruction in your old "haunts". obama you are one mother son of a gun. I realize I will not dress myself on the TWO days in my life. The day I was born and the day I go away. I have one of those days coming. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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    what about the Muslims. Send them home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jesus please protect President Trump so he can make America great again

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    Yay, TRUMP !

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    Why does everyone in the government scream about Social Security running out but no one says Welfare is running out. If you are not in a wheel chair and even then you can use a computer used should work. Why does getting pregnant every year mean the government is going to support you. Now the senator that tried to pass a law saying if you dont give up the fathers name you dont get welfare. well that might pass now. and drug tests for welfare. I work across from were welfare recipients pick up their checks, the drug dealers walk them over to where they cash their checks and get all the money from them. San Francisco has made drug dealing not a crime now too. What a load of shit for citizens, they do this to keep all the drug users and dealers in what is called the TL (Tenderloin) people get robbed, attacked, stabbed and killed and it is barely mentioned in the news. All the drug dealers are illegals, none speak english but they all get welfare.

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