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Breaking Information! Obama Simply Acquired SUED! His Jail Days are Close to

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  1.  avatar

    yes he needs to go to gitmo that would only be fair

  2.  avatar

    101/ help Lord/ god all all all mighty/// rules,,Time,,,space,,, infinity,,,, eternity. /// simple Simon// works////

  3.  avatar

    101/ help Lord/ god all all all mighty/// rules,,Time,,,space,,, infinity,,,, eternity. /// simple Simon// works////

  4.  avatar

    the White House in the present she doesn't hold investigations or call for them

  5.  avatar

    Yes, he needs to be in jail now.

  6.  avatar

    you ppl need to be ashamed of yourselves

  7.  avatar

    more fake ass new!!!

  8.  avatar

    One thing is for sure> The left calls us what they are.

  9.  avatar

    bullshit ass people fake news fake ass president

  10.  avatar

    Obama he should of been arrested fried and all years back when he let isis destroy bengahzi and our military and all

  11.  avatar

    obummer is a radical. obummer was the WORST PRESIDENT THE U.S. HAS EVER HAD!!!

  12.  avatar

    Obama has had nothing but the overthrow of our government as his sole purpose a president, and his roughshod disregard for our American values and laws will be his downfall, and it can't come soon enough!

  13.  avatar

    he needs to be locked up in prison for life…. in solitary confinement…

  14.  avatar

    Obama is not his real name this is Osama and he speaks Arab too get with the program America wake up if damocracy now was smart he would have never became a senitor or a presadent at all this man is Osama bin Laden and he should be in jail with alquidea right now he is walking around Scott free and that's not fair to the American people I can't believe this man robbed the American people to get medical insurance that's messed up well aneway damerocy now is gone too the dogs alongtime ago

  15.  avatar

    For months I keep trying to figure out what their talking about when saying…

    Obama's legacy?

  16.  avatar


  17.  avatar

    Hey a definite Yes Obama needs to go to jail. Obama had no respect for the country or the office of President. He didn't have that done to him. Ong if was this happening to him

  18.  avatar

    These pictures are chopping and changing. The real Barry Soetoro has a mole on the side of his nose. Any others are clones or doubles. The mole is missing on many of the pictures just as the real Hillary had a mole on her top lip. Most pictures are not Hillary!

  19.  avatar

    Look up "Who is Tom Fife," and the truth will come out re: Obama/Russia connection!

  20.  avatar

    I didn't vote for Obama who was the worst president ever. I voted for McCain the traitor and Romney the con-artest

  21.  avatar

    yes i thank he go to j
    ail my fiend

  22.  avatar

    yes i do he go to j
    aill my friend

  23.  avatar

    Obama arrested being held in japan you reported. Well he was in Chicago Sunday 4/22/2017, Drudge Report has the story reported by ABC News

  24.  avatar

    **THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS THE KENYAN IS A DANGEROUS PARANOIAC KILLER, … what are you waiting for to JAIL that inhuman creature, the kenyan did much more crimes then spying on Trump, he stolen billions to Americans, ( $/DAESH, ISIS friends radicalislamists, Saudis, Qatar, … hey ..the guy is now billionaire,) he fucked up the whole JUSTICE system, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the HomeLand Security ,…the kenyan is a proven dangerous psychopath, a crazy paranoiac guy on cocaine, that horrible psycho needs to be JAILED NOW, … ????// {{ how come that guy is still loose in the traffic, ??? so he has the opportunity, to plane bloody murders,..while "the Gotham Shield," power out for three days 24-25-26 …. remember, he has NO SOUL, that guy is seriously DANGEROUS,}}**

  25.  avatar

    I like her but her mouth go so fast no one can understand her

  26.  avatar

    Absolutely Jail!

  27.  avatar

    Jimmy, take it easy. God is Pissed! These bastards need to die. So God's children can Live.

  28.  avatar

    Obama should be in jail yesterday.

  29.  avatar


  30.  avatar

    No O'Monkey doesn't belong in a Jail cell He belongs on a scaffle facing a Rope then left to rot hanging there as a warning for all to see what happens to traitors. Hellary and her Bitch Crooked Bill Clinton should be hanging bedside him for all to see!!!

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