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BREAKING: Trump Prepares Assault on Syria ‘Raqqa’

In at present’s emergency broadcast, Christopher Greene of AMTV warns People Trump prepares for an Assault on Syria. Be a part of the AMTV Underground …


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    let's claim 100 extra miles into mexico,all along the border,before we build that wall,
    and then also,we should start building or confiscating ''settlements'' in all the coolest locations in mexico! it's a no-brainer! who's gonna even try and stop us? why have we not done this yet??

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    You accidentally got it right!

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    you were right wow

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    Silly silly rabbits what is it going to take to see the white man is the damn devil !!!!!!! He is behind every major and minor war in the world !!!

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    Woke up enough to see that you flash the 666 hand sign in your videos just like Trump and the rest of the traitors. How you know things is because you're one of them duh. Like fear mongering too? Trying to be another Alex fake Jones? What about that?

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    Trump fucked it up! him faking news about the gas attack is painful to watch

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    I knew this was coming Trump have done it.this is why Trump supporters Democrats didn't want to vote for him cause they knew he was dangerous and he lied to you he just put America at risk. now we had no business to go to other countries and stop them for doing suff for doing what there doing Trump just made. eveything worse. America should worried about America only we have problems to fix.

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    the greedy fucking Jews want all that oil!!! the Jew world order!

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    Hey Chris. Where's the Trump love . I thought he was our savior. So now he's a globalist all of a sudden. Maybe the pressure over the Russian allegations is making him conform. Why were you kissing Trump's ass for so long. You had to know this was gonna happen. You seem like your in total denial over Trump's Russian ties. It's like now your in total fear mongering mode. Just to obscure the fact that you were wrong about alot of shit. Let's be honest your just in this for the money. Youre like Alex Jones bastard son. I used to like you and thought you were credible somewhat. But lately you've. gone bat shit crazy on the fear mongering about everything under the sun. You barely make any sense anymore. Way too much negativity. There's enough if from Fake News everyday. I mean if you are really a guy of faith you gotta start finding a ray of Hope even if it's not in reality as you see it anymore. Go back to the matrix stuff and preach about humanity maybe finding a way out of this. I mean I have a young daughter I can't keep listening to the doom and gloom. I gotta atleast stay positive for her or I would be doing my family a major disservice.

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    Thank you Chris for holding Trump accountable. To many hacks nowadays

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    I agree with you about Libya , but I don't think Trump has any intention of wanting to take out Assad. He has said many times ,he isn't a fan of "regime change". I guess we'll see what happens, though.

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    Wow…. you made us believe that Trump is the world saviour….😆😆😆😆

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    40 more civilians dead.

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    The Greater Israel Project – that's all you need to know

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    Leave Assad in power for now, like it or not, it's necessary to maintain stability in the region. Other forces in time will take care of him — live by the sword, die by the sword.
    Empower the Kurds, it would be killing 3 birds with one stone : Giving them justice, improve their ability to fight ISIS, and being a deserved thorn in Turkey's side.
    Otherwise, stay the hell out of there, the US had done enough damage, and destroyed enough civilian lives already, in a region where they had no business in the first place, other than creating the chaos – no need to perpetuate further evil financed by the US taxpayers.

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    It's even deeper than you know, watch what part the Pope play in all this, along with the national Sunday Law he and others are trying to promote.

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    Hegelian Dialectic!

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    I agree with everything you are saying. You did forget to mention one more country in cahoots with all this: our little buddy Israel. All this destruction and destabilization is playing out to Israel's benefit. I only hope that Trump sending in the Marines is in keeping with his campaign promiss to destroy Daesh. Other wise we (or at least I), were duped into voting for Trump in the hopes of keeping us out of a war with Russia.

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    "And Donald Trump is only perpetuating the agenda"
    Have you finally seen the light, then? That Donald Trump is not the Messiah, I mean. I still think he was not as bad a choice as Hillary, but there's plenty of proof that he's not the anti-war candidate we hope he was.

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    let's call it what is.trump is a puppet to the nwo.i want to see chris criticize trump for this but it just won't happen.

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    wow trump doing what obama didn't finish sounds like trump also works for the elite

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    Stop Yelling into the camera ya friggin lunatic. We, your subscribers hear you just fine. Has the war in Syria started yet..?….Surely with the Thousands and thousands of US Marines you say are getting ready to attack at any minute,.did I miss it, did we win..?
    I enjoy this channel dude, and I believe you concerning the destabilization of this entire area, but saying we are going to attack at any minute……cmon. Your sources mislead you and inturn YOU were reporting partial truths and FAKE NEWS.
    More to follow…4 Sure.

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    Top Report ! No comment, just Top !!

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