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CLEAN YOUR ROOM | 7 New DIY Organizations + Ideas & Hacks!

It´s spring, and It´s as soon as once more time to wash your room! With these 7 New DIY Organizations, + Superb ideas & Hacks I promise you’ll have rather more enjoyable …


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    oh my LAWD WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BACK BOARD on your bedddd its so prettyyyyyyy

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    i love this video. I love subscribing to diy stuff. just want to get some of theses supplies to do them.

  3.  avatar

    I liked and subscribed

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    Kan du ha en morning rutine eller nigth rutine??

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    👍🏼👍🏼Great Video!👍🏼👍🏼

    My mom:"Honey clean your room."

    Me: "not yet"

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    I liked the video

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    I just watch these videos and don't clean my room!!

  8.  avatar

    i dont know why im still watching this video even i know im not gonna clean my room zzzz

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    Every time I watch a video like this I feel bad because my room is dim and not very colorful. :

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    The video is so cool 💖

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    Could you tidy my room??

  13.  avatar

    My room is tirty now and some time it get so misy

  14.  avatar

    we all love youu to

  15.  avatar

    plez comment me back i love your diys

  16.  avatar

    Macerly what editing software do you use?

  17.  avatar

    Me after watching this video: I'm gonna clean my room and be organised!!
    10 seconds later *watching a new show on Netflix in my still messy room

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    I liked???

  20.  avatar

    I love the format of this video. I like how you have diy tutorials within your cleaning your room video.

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    I'm new to your channell!! WOW!! I LOVE YOU

  22.  avatar

    So amazing

  23.  avatar

    I love watching her put tape in jars because she has nowhere to put it I was thinking did you not just make something for those?

  24.  avatar

    I feel like her DIY's are more expensive than just bying the thing already made.

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  26.  avatar

    850th comment

  27.  avatar

    Your so pretty!!!

  28.  avatar

    this girl just got a new subscriber😊

  29.  avatar

    i love your washi tape

  30.  avatar

    i have a messyer room then yours😏

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