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COMEDY Inappropriate Conduct Full

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    I seen he was sitting on my couch playgrounds destroying demolished my coushon in CAVIES STUDIO SMH Epps BETTER febreese my coushon SON and have me 4pancakes n a IGGY BONERBOUNCEA

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    u got 20 dollars Bobby lol

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    what u do daddy nuffin bu there go the police lol

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    Too young to be included in Kings of Comedy but he's almost ready for Princes of Comedy. I think he's hilarious & he's on-point as an actor.

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    can I get half a like?

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    James Brown looking like a thunderkat….lololol

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    I have not seen this in a while, it felt good to get a good laugh. thanks for sharing

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    love this comedy without ignorance like this sick fella being racist

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    10 years later still hilarious

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    i would have been your daddy but I aint have change for a five….lmao

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    Chris tucker can get any roll he wants because hes Chris tucker. Major film or naw. Bottom line. True he is a actor but him as a man, he doesnt have to take the roll. If he's this reading this (stay strong) my brother.

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    lockin old white cook book bitches up lol

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    z z z Z Z…

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    love mike

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    sorry not funny

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    You know a comedian is hilarious when there is a lot of applause and no laughter. 10 mins is all I could muster

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