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Dave Chappelle on His New Comedy Specials

Dave reveals the small print behind his new Netflix comedy specials together with how a lot he made and what he has discovered since his final time round. Bumbling …


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    They say this is actually his clone. Voice, eyes face structure is all off. His new stand up was killer tho!

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    what in the clones is going on here

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    I don't remember where I was 10 years ago but I missed it all. I watched all of his old stuff and hands down he's the funniest man alive. Glad he's back!

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    dude getting hella old.. happy he's back tho

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    White man comment (be gentle): Locusts? Cicadas maybe.

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    The zoo keeper walks by and laughs at the animals every day, the animals try and make the zoo keeper laugh every day

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    Gotta love Dave! Glad these specials are on Netflix

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    "He rapes but then he saves!"

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    If your dad is mad at you wear. Shirt

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    no matter what he does he'll always do alright he's got a good head on his shoulder

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    I used to deliver food and indeed, black people do not tip well.

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    I love Dave chappelle so glad he's back! Easily one of the best comedians ever!

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    This nigga love that jacket. lol

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    Dave Chappelle isn't as funny as he used too. He's still my favorite comedian ever.

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    Wish they would cut this interview up into even smaller pieces..

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    So glad he is finally kind of back. Wish he would go on Rogans podcast.

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    He"s high af lmaoo

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    can Dave Chappelle please host next years oscars…

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    reminds me of the chappelle skit where news broke he was rich & he was at the barbershop

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    The GOAT

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    I think if chapelle had kept doing comedy he would be bigger than hart today.

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    he still got it

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    i ain't tipping nobody, those waiters don't even cook the food.

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