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Democrats Need Oprah Winfrey To Run In 2020 To Beat Donald Trump: Trump vs Oprah


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Democrats Need Oprah Winfrey To Run In 2020 To Beat Donald Trump

Democrats have the right weapon to take down Donald Trump in 2020, in response to a conservative columnist: Oprah.
The famed black media proprietor and TV host was thrown into the political combine on Thursday when an op-ed within the New York Submit instructed she is ‘uniquely positioned, ought to she want to commit herself, to hunt the Democratic nomination for president and problem Trump in 2020.’ 
John Podhoretz, a never-Trump advocate and former speechwriter for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, shared his essay on Twitter – and Oprah answered.
‘Thanks in your VOTE of confidence!’ she wrote again in a tweet.
Podhoretz replied: ‘Give it a shot, what, wouldn’t it kill you?’

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  1.  avatar

    Yeah let's have genocide on whites by allowing an SJW in there. Neope.

  2.  avatar

    Liberals would constantly take shots at Trump over his college. I wonder how they feel about all the African school girls that got molested at Oprahs school.

  3.  avatar

    Democrats wanted either a traitor under investigation during her campaign or an old nut who wants socialism. Now they want someone with a talk show to run the country. Are they losing their minds? At least with Obama he was qualified and didn't have someone else's agenda in mind. Oprah's only going to bring socialism by giving everyone "free" stuff and continue to man-hate.

  4.  avatar

    Look at the idiot masses in the store staring at the famous people, most people live very boring lives just admiring what others do while never questioning anything they are told

  5.  avatar

    1:00 yea look at 220 pounds Oprah in the produce section , sure honey grab that peach and that cucumber for the cameras.
    She spends most of her time ordering her staff to bring her fried chicken, ice cream and candy

  6.  avatar

    Saw oprah again on the cover of her O magazine yesterday at the sto!
    The woman is the most narcissistic self hating self absorbed weirdo on earth

  7.  avatar

    Oprah is nothing but a racist fat black bitch .

  8.  avatar

    oprah cant control her eating habits much less run a country… crazy bitch.

  9.  avatar

    Lmao they want to replace a rich reality TV star, with a rich reality TV star. Makes No sence to me 😝

  10.  avatar

    Nobody is voting for okra!!!

  11.  avatar

    I hate to say it and I'll do so with the hope that I am wrong.
    Seeing is how this country has been voting on our next POTUS over the last 12 yrs. 3 times in a row the majority of Americans are not voting for good leadership but instead we are voting for American Idols from both sides of the political aisle.
    So with that being said,don't bet so heavily that Oprah will lose.
    I mean,if the American voter is that stupid enough to vote for Al Franken because he was a well known political comedian back in the day,or vote for some pompous community organizer with a silver tongue just because he's black or vote for some long-haired white trash with a foul mouth dressed up like a pimp,vote for a politically incorrect business tycoon then you can bet your ass Oprah may be our next and first Madame president because the American voters so far has shown to be that stupid.
    We don't want good leadership,what we want is a feel good dog n' pony shows & clown acts to not lead us to a new horizon but to keep us entertained and secluded inside of the circus tent.

  12.  avatar

    Propogandah Winfrey

  13.  avatar

    Nobody is going to beat Trump. The swamp have been exposed.

  14.  avatar


  15.  avatar

    All that money and how does she promote her race? By creating a series about drug dealing blacks in the 80's. Apparently, for Oprah, there are no successful blacks in society whose struggle to success is uplifting enough to the black community unless it involves crime. What a waste, she could be helping her people to succeed, but just like the rest of her bolshevik buddies on the left, she would rather pretend she cares while constantly undermining their ability to succeed. Way to go Oprah.

  16.  avatar

    She won't win.

  17.  avatar

    After what Obama did and what Hillary Clinton did nobody would vote for a black woman cuz she's black and she's a lying Thief just like most women

  18.  avatar

    Not a fat chance.

  19.  avatar

    Where was oprah helping flood victims in texas? Guess only joel osteen will vote for her.

  20.  avatar

    Oprah is actual satanist while hillary is just the bad witch of oz. Good choice demos kratis. Demos=demon krstis= rule. Demon rule oprah right choice for the lunes.

  21.  avatar

    Please run Orca! Another easy republican win… Remember Orca admitted on one of her shows years ago that she smoked crack. I can hear it now… Would you vote for someone who smoked crack for president? Orca is nothing but another Libatard fraud! No lie is to big for ratings!

  22.  avatar

    Let "Orca" run.  MAGA welcomes that sort of competition.

  23.  avatar

    What she did to Chappelle I cannot forgive

  24.  avatar

    Good luck. He will eat her up and spit her out.

  25.  avatar

    I would never vote for opera because she is black and because she is a woman. Even though I joke, I'm mainly against democrits and would probably vote for Ben Carson.

  26.  avatar

    The democratic party is DONE and they know it. None of their games are going to work any longer. They got exposed as communist -it's over. ALL career politicians need to leave America. The USA has to reinforce God given rights based on Liberty as the nation was founded.

  27.  avatar

    Dumpra would get destroyed! This aint no leftist bullshit show

  28.  avatar

    All of them are Demons. If you make it to the WH you are under control by the Dark Underworld and you have to follow the corrupt agenda. Sooner or later the sheeple will open their eyes and realize that your vote dont COUNT

  29.  avatar

    Oprah another Hellary!!!

  30.  avatar

    I would love to see oprah running,she might get slim ! Lol

  31.  avatar

    Doc you need to run for prez

  32.  avatar

    I Wouldn't Be Suprised At All But Seriously Look Out For Kamala Harris Though in My Opinion

  33.  avatar

    Never gonna happen… obama temporarily ruined the potus posistion for Normal blacks… we are a nation that doesnt forget… humanities problem—–> believing u are important because of your dna…

  34.  avatar

    That maggot? LOL That would be hilarious. 🙂

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