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DIY Edible Faculty Provides – eight Pranks for Again to Faculty

JOIN THE FAMILY ➜ ➜ Be a part of the VLOG Squad: ➜ “DIY Edible Faculty Provides – eight Pranks for Again to Faculty” …


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    The other day i walked my cat lol read the description/bio of this vid

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    can you use other candy ?

  3.  avatar

    thx I need the glue one

  4.  avatar

    what did u put in the pencil eraser?
    musk sticks? what is that?
    it looked like gum? Is that wut it is? Or no? You

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    My classmate do this and he just go to detention

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    I love this wengie. I love D.I.Y

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    me I am soooooo hungry

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    meh why I didn't watch this before 😥

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    I subscribed to you you're the best

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    I did the glue one and ate it during class cause I was hungry

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    I was hungry after this🍪🍩🍿🍫🍭🍦🍰🎂🍮🍬🍨🍧🍡🍥🍝🍕🍟🍔

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    I was hungry after this🍪🍩🍿🍫🍭🍦🍰🎂🍮🍬🍨🍧🍡🍥🍝🍕🍟🍔

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    I love you a lot♥️♥️

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    Witch state do you live in because I don't think my family can't do the diy's

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    this is cute! who else is watching this in 2017?

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    I'm going to make a lively about the hacks

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    LOL! The crayons were so funny! I tricked my teach, counseler, principal, & family. But I also got in trouble ; ). If any of yo want great nails just go to my channel & I'll make a video every Friday. Well starting next Friday ; ). Thanks Wengie. Can you make more videos just like this. So kinda the sequel

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    I did all of these and pranked all my friends! Thank you for these hacks.

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    I love your cat ears

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    🐶🐭     🐱🐤     🐹🐷
    🐼🐰     🐯🐱     🐭🐶
    🐦🐨🐵🐻🐯     🐮🐵
    🐧🐔     🐣🐮     🐵🐻
    🐼🐷     🐭🐶     🐨🐰

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    Tried the crayon one and the glue stick

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