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DIY MINI NOTEBOOKS – 4 Straightforward & Cute Designs!

MY STORE IS NOW LIVE: Hey everybody! I hope you take pleasure in this video. Love you guys – Nim XO ♡ Please SUBSCRIBE when you’re …


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    I made a PART 2 of this video! WATCH IT HERE: 🎬❤️😘

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    Jump rings yeah about that
    Where do you get them

  3.  avatar

    My favorite note book is the emoji
    XoXo 😍😍😍

  4.  avatar

    Where do u buy the jump rings?

  5.  avatar

    I love you😍😍

  6.  avatar

    cat and cloud

  7.  avatar

    this's a very great, i hope you better than!!

  8.  avatar

    How much do you sell one

  9.  avatar

    Bm. Hgcgjsgn

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  11.  avatar

    Nim c hear becky gomez songs its a singer

  12.  avatar

    Like si no entendiste ni una mierda por qué no entendés inglés ni hablas inglés yo no entendí nada jaja

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    These are so FREAKING ADORABLE!! I'm definetly making them. They can be gifts with little notes inside. 🙂
    Thanks for the idea!!

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    my favriot DIY Minni notebook was the one with the cloud and rainbow on it

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    That cloud and rainbow one was awesome!!

  18.  avatar

    Where did you got that thumb rings Nim?

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    איך אוסים את זה

  21.  avatar

    wow it soo cool

  22.  avatar

    I like mellissa

  23.  avatar

    Ablas enpanis

  24.  avatar

    panda watermelon and mustache

  25.  avatar


  26.  avatar

    Like si tu est francais

  27.  avatar

    kei leuk

  28.  avatar

    super cute m'y fav is the watermelon

  29.  avatar

    Nice.I like

  30.  avatar

    I ❤️ you

  31.  avatar

    my favorite is the rainbow

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    Nim C I just wanted to tell you that these designs are so cute and kawaii! I love how creative you are! Keep up the great work, beautiful lady. 😘😊

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    I. love your videos you área fantastic

  36.  avatar

    I admite 😍

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    my favoroute notebook is fhit the wathermalon

  39.  avatar

    gosto muito do seu canal só que eu não sei falar inglês :'(

  40.  avatar

    Wow good job

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    Lol tots cute

    ❤️ the panda

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    Al video s

  45.  avatar

    can i have 1

  46.  avatar

    Just use a hair tie

  47.  avatar

    I liked the emoji one😍

  48.  avatar

    son hjhjjjjkifgfdddttgggh yno me hjggghjj

  49.  avatar

    i love your channel but you never drew the penguien or mention it

  50.  avatar

    Your so talented but I couldn't do it😢

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