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DIY Night time Routine Life Hacks! 30 DIY Hacks – DIY Make-up, Wholesome Reci…

After two DIY Morning Routine movies prepare for my DIY Night time Routine Life Hacks! On this DIY video I present the way to prepare with me for my night time routine plus …


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    Have you seen the bloopies in the end? 😀 So happy to finally share my most requested video ever – Night Routine with 30 Life Hacks and DIY projects! We worked extremely hard on it, so I hope you like it a lot <3 Also don't take everything too seriously, this video includes some hilarious comedy inserts as well 😉 It doesn't mean that all these things happen to me every evening, that would be intense haha XD Thank you guys for making my 2016 so special and I wish you and your families all the best in 2017. I promise to keep making the best videos I can 😉 Already working on a new one! Meanwhile you can check out my Morning Routine:

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    Mostly all of the life hacks are copied from wengies channel

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    My love 😍 love ❤️

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    Sara do you watch wengie and use her diys?

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    Let me think, your favourite colour is blue.

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    please make a makeup kit💖

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    evening routine pls n aim requesting far away n i love your night routine also u are so cute

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    This video was absolutely great!

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    I feels like she's ritch like IF you agree

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    combination video for kids

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    'Wow, its like an amazing rainbow galaxy explosion!'
    Me: Okay..!

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    Where did you buy a coconut creme?

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    You are super I love very much your video

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    You are the prettiest person ever and I always look forward to your vids!!!

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    do you use the DIY's

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    i love your channel because your not like a normal youtube that does the same hacks they see on other channels or the first link on google. even if they thought of them themselves they were probably figured out months ago. you just make my day happy no matter how it started out you just have an amazing vibe. also all of you diys include glitter and idk how but somehow everything i hav ends up mixing with glitter. theyre so easy to make because it really is made with house hold items. cuz like with slime who just haz borax sitting around?😂

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    Wait, isn't this a night routine??

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    make a sports routine

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    love youuuuuuu

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    👏👏👏props to u I can really tell how much you worked on this video that is why every subbie that u have loves u dearly

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    Make slime

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    Qual é a música do início?

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    i wanna live were sara lives

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    haha the bloopers are kinda fun and funny hehe

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    Lo q hacen los

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    I <3 you Sara

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    I rlly love ur DIYSSSS!!!!!😄😊🙆

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    make a hang up hart light💖

  33.  avatar

    I love the idea of a flower light 🌼🌸

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    i love your videos!!! yo have to do a makeup tutorial or something like that, with sparkles obviously!! love from mexico 🙂

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    Guys who saw her threw the tea / coffee in 1:30

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    can you do a day nail Polish video please

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