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DIY Tasks : The right way to Make Origami Cabinets | Desk Organizer | Do it Y…

Howdy to all my craft buddies! Love DIY Tasks Concepts? Subscribe to my Channel for superior craft tutorials right here –

For all my…


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    I love you are the art master

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    l really like it
    amazing 👌👌

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    very nice

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    I like it and it was a very good idea for children

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    Vry nice

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    well thanks for such an amazing idea now I can keep my earnings or clips in it .

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    I have that small washi tape in india i got that at rs5

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    Can you please slow down little bit because you are going too fast and thank by the way I subscribed for you.

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    it is very beautiful and easy…..I made it at my home…It looks very beautiful…

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    I like it i make it immediately

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    amazing stylEnirch

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    yaass!!i've jusst made it..and it is looking amazing in the room i can put lil lil things in it …loved it want more videos like this

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    It is very beautiful and easy to make…this is sooooo good 😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😄😄😄

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    thanks a lot for the video 😗😗

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    why r u doing so fast????😡😡

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    This is great. I'm gonna make this for my art desk! +1 sub for you!

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    It's so clearly and easily explained ! 🙂 Kudos ! Can you please make jewellery boxes for long necklaces/bangles/earrings ? Greetings from Paris, France 🙂

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    it's very nice

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    It is very beautiful and to let them work and also I like .good buy

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    mine failed perfectly

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    very nice from where do you learn this

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    wowww that great I am trying

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    wow creative
    .. i tried it and it came out perfect as yours .. tnx

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    Hi, I have tried making one like this, but when i attached the boxes to the card, I was unable to keep it closed. The left side stays open even when i try to keep it closed. To make sure if I am doing it right, made a second try and still found the same problem. what could be the issue? as a temporary solution i have attached the top box to the cardboard with velcro. But what is the actual issue? I could even share a pic of it 🙂 but i loved this and gifted it to my friend.

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    খুব সুন্দর হইছে

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    great, just great, my daugther has so many hair accessories, now you gave me a "solution" how to spend some time doing something with her and it's useful too.

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    would you make this bigger by just measuring out the paper etc. a few centimetres out ?

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    very nice

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    the boxes did not close

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