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DIY Room Decor & Group For 2017 – EASY & INEXPENSIVE Concepts!


Hey everybody! As we speak’s video is a DIY Room Decor For 2017. These DIYs are good for the New Yr…


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    Hey everyone!!! What’s up 😀 I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know which DIY was your FAVE?! Love you guys so much Nim XO

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    I liked the calendar

  3.  avatar

    You make The best diys I love your channe nim c

  4.  avatar

    They are so cute🐶

  5.  avatar

    I’m upsets with your things

  6.  avatar

    You make the cutest things❤️😋

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    Hiya Nim, I love your videos. May I ask what type of pens and acrylic paint do you use? I love those pail colours. thank you.

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    The calander so cute nim

  9.  avatar

    It was so helpful

  10.  avatar

    You are a great drawer

  11.  avatar

    Nim C soo cute!

  12.  avatar

    2:34 wtf I can’t even draw and eye without scrunching it up and u think u are rubbish wtf

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    Can you do a cute panda school supplies vid

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    My favorite DIY was the calendar!!! So CUTE!!! <3

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    Where did you buy your markers

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    Omg ur marker are sooooooo good wat type are they and where you get it from

  18.  avatar

    Please do a room tour

  19.  avatar

    Hi I love you and from where did you bring the thing that you are making the eyes from

  20.  avatar

    Ooooooooo so cuuuuuutttteeeee I luv dis

  21.  avatar

    really love these DIYS and you

  22.  avatar

    Im new and i already look up too u

  23.  avatar

    My dogs first walk is on January the 1st.

  24.  avatar

    Pause at 0:37

  25.  avatar

    I loved this vid so much

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    It's superb wow:-)

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    please make a Marvel diys

  29.  avatar

    Hey Nim my name is Nim…mo

  30.  avatar

    How dare

  31.  avatar

    Like ko govori hrvatski

  32.  avatar

    What I don’t understand is how she can make the faces on everything SO cute looking! When I try to make cute faces on things they look like little devil child’s or something!😆😁😍😡

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    Soooo coooolll goood

  34.  avatar

    My favorite DIY is the lovely calendar

  35.  avatar

    Cane you make snowglops on your next vedio

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    do for toys like hot wheels or like cars.(for boys) plz.

  38.  avatar

    Bin ich hier die einziehe deutsche?😂😂♥️

  39.  avatar

    You are so good at doing that stuff how long have you been ding that stuff.

  40.  avatar

    What markers are they

  41.  avatar

    If she loves her sub's she will pin this comment and Love u

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