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DIY Bizarre Christmas Presents You NEED To Attempt!

“DIY Bizarre Christmas Presents You NEED To Attempt!” Final video- ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: …


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    Can y'all subscribe to me

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    my favorite diy was the lightbulb….. Who agrees?

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    her voice sounds like she has a stuffy nose

  4.  avatar

    when you're watching christmas videos and its the middle of april 😂😂

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    Por que que os DIY dos americanos sempre são os melhores😔

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    mmm pizza

  7.  avatar

    very very bad and dirty video 😠😠😠😠

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    lol the teeth for the fridge are offensive to Hermione Granger

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    I like the light bulb one is so cute and fun 👍🏼😃😃

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    bitte i love

  12.  avatar

    You should get a cat

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    Love Your Nails! Girl Rachael!

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    whos watching in april 2017?

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    For your 🆕 the in the please the other questions please let of which was the most questions a e Otto the same of the was of most most of push

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    I Tried doing the squisy light bulb but it didnt work so i spend 15 bucks for it to go down the drain

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    I like the lightbulb

  20.  avatar

    i love her scissors

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    I have a question can you make a different color for the squishy lightbulb?

  22.  avatar

    I have a question can you make a different color for the squishy lightbulb?

  23.  avatar

    i like the lightbob

  24.  avatar

    My crushs name is…

    Read more

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    squishy lightbulb

  26.  avatar

    sugi pula mea

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    I live in California too

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    uumm there is something called sewing

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    Francesco de los que 13 to DVD jek,r,rmr,.e,rmrkmk😀l'épée de 6'eldl.dl la vie privée des ? merci pour les photos de ? merci d'avance pour kelpkp13

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    Who else just watches these videos and never does the diy's

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    who else just came to watch her squase the light bulb

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