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Do It Your self Closet Group

Do it your self closet group might be fairly a journey, even with the perfect recommendation. Meghan Carter of found first-hand…


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    This is really great and you are just adorable!!

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    jesus my closet is waaaaay worse.

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    great video. 🙂
    where did you get the clear boxes that you put your scaffs in?

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    My closet can only look clean for about 2 weeks and then it's back to how it looked.

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    hahahaha 4:20

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    I'm not a man and I'm not gay…she is very pretty.

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    I think it's easier to take everything out first, and then sort it – then you only put back what's left after sorting.

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    wow this is very helpfull and the fact that youre organizing your own closet says that no matter wht your closet can look good. Thanks! =]

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    Who cares about the closet! I didn't even notice the closet. I was just focused on you–You're beautiful!

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    I bought a bunch of clear hangers with metal hooks from a lady on Craigslist who was closing her store for a great price! It totally made my closet so much better.. I loathe wire hangers. I have a box of clothes to take to the women's shelter. I use milk crates on the shelves for all my purses. Waterfall tops and some skirts for more room.

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    why were the links that white space sent to you not included in the video or description? It would have been very helpful for the viewer to receive those resources as well. Great vid though:)

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    see i have a prob there is a dresser in my closet so i dont have a place for my shoes…the closet is both mine and my 17 month old's.

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    I wish someone could do the same thing in my closet. I am too lazy to do it myself.

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    ok, either that closet is extremely huge or she is really short.

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    youre cute. thanks for the informative video. i used wooden coat hangers for my clothes. i think it was from the old Queer Eye show i learned from on tv few years ago.

    I have a habit of consistencies. So the hangers work well.

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    If people need help to organise their closets in the first place…i'm sure they won't stick to the organising.

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    You don't need to hire a professional "organiser" to organise your closet space. It should be pretty much common sense for a person who has limited space for their wardrobe.

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    Wow… you should be proud of yourself then! I mean if your not a naturally neat person and you can keep your closet that nice for so long! great for you! Do you feel more relaxed now when your closet is organizied? After wathing you video I got rid of all the things in my closet that don`t wear anymore! Thanks for posting it and thanks for the answer!

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    I love your closet! I what one the same but BIGGER!!!! I NEED IT!

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    What a unique company!
    Are moms not teaching these things anymore? Gosh my mother is an expert at this stuff.

    Although I disagree on the crystal hangers. Wooden hangers work very well and hold heavy pants very well. They can be expensive, but it s worth it

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    It makes me feel good that even a decorator has a messy closet. Yay.

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