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Do-It-Your self Cobblestone-Look Walkway Molds by Pathmate

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    where can I get one of them odd job concrete mixing barrels

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    This looks beautiful and doable, but could I make a driveway this way. I'm guessing I'd have to level and compress gravel to make this work.

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    Z z z

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    Such BS because they don't, (or more likely WONT),
    show u all the prep WORK that is entailed.

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    Hon long this will last

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    i love to do this works .

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    I used this same mold under gates to stop it from getting muddy . has lasted 8 years . I layed it on plain dirt. no prep work . looks great.

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    Typical HSN BS

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    Moon pie ,I agree ,they always ham it up in these videos , like people watching are complete Idiots, and never do any thing out side so we just damp down being pissed off 😡 and stay realistic about things, 🤔. 👵🏻 Blessed Be 🌈

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    My daughter and I bought two of these and they are of pretty good quality ,the two we bought also had two brick form that is included,we really like them, haven't used them as yet but we are getting ready to do some work . 👵🏻 👩

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    is that Jared?

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    thank you, moon pie
    your comments were an eye opener.

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    how much concrete does one template take?

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    Any board, any old board, like this expensive cedar board right here.

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    Absolutely great!
    You guys make it look so simple… Thank you.

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    Jimmy Mc Gill!

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    "I did this 2-3 years ago"
    Other dude says "This it's perfectly set"
    Uhm I am pretty sure it would be set after 2-3 years.. lol

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    is the cement mixer still available?

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    Sounds good but you can only go straight with it, correct? No making curves on the path?

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    How do you install around angles? I have an inground fire pit that is a circle. I'd buy it if it worked around the circle fire pit. seems like a good idea for a straight walk way or patio though…

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    great product. what about resale. last for years? can't see the profit margin quick enough.

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    The concrete joining the 'stones' in the gaps must be awfully thin. Won't they just break apart after a little while?

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    How do i get this in Nigeria?

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    How do i get this in Nigeria?

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    donde lo puedo conseguir Monterrey NL. la

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    It's 12:30 midnight watching this. Why am I watching this?
    I graduated and not even employed to think to own a house hahahaa

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    Hsn hi, i live in Sweden how to order this mold?

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    can you make a patio out of these molds

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    They always make it look easier than it really is. Certainly these forms are not that hard to use. But a lot of prep work needs to be done before hand. Concrete is not light and I believe each form hold about 60 pounds of dry concrete – heavier when mixed.
    The guy saying he did a 10-12 foot section in under two hours is a lie. The prep of the bed would take far longer alone. Setting forms, mixing cement, pouring the molds etc would take longer as well.
    If you are able to do some heavy labor, can lift and carry 60 pound bags and mix 80 pound batches carry and pour etc then it's not a bad process. Remember the prep work to dig out for anything you do is hard work and you need a place to get rid of sod and dirt. If doing a walk way or patio a crushed stone and sand base would be the proper way to prep for a big job that would last and stay level. Oh and you better have your plan as to how to finish a patio for example next to a house for example where full forms do not fit.
    Anything more than a very small stand alone area will be a lot of heavy work. It's doable but just don't be fooled into thinking a 20×15 patio would be a breeze.

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    Hello. Where I bought this form?

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    Am from india where can i get ur pathways in delhi

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    I'm doing this project in the backyard soon and I am wondering about the
    curing process. Getting conflicting information. Can I put on a sealer
    shortly after the stuff drys? How many days should I wait, or do I have
    to do a 3-5 day cure beforehand?

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    Can this be used on existing concrete walkway?

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