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Canine Performs Lifeless and Scares Different Canine! | What’s Trending Now

This canine freaking out over his pal enjoying lifeless is canine relationship objectives. Subscribe for extra movies:

The video:

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  1.  avatar

    why not just show the freaking video, instead of just talking the whole time!!!

  2.  avatar

    My Dog can bark in the dream (but in reality).

  3.  avatar

    Just show the fucking clip! Complete fucking waste of time!

  4.  avatar

    The funniest thing that my Dog can do is teleport…

    I should really stop treating Minecraft mobs as real pets… ;-;

  5.  avatar

    Asian sensation 😂😂😂😂

  6.  avatar

    My name is Archie

  7.  avatar

    my dog can play dead.
    she hasn't moved in 7 years.
    she is really good at it.

  8.  avatar

    I dont think beeping the vowel of shit is gnna make a difference i can clearly hear the whole word

  9.  avatar

    I pretended to be dead my dog barked so load and ran franticly for someone

  10.  avatar

    seconds into the video

  11.  avatar

    tail goes through chair 0.44

  12.  avatar

    I need a pet… cat

  13.  avatar

    When will the video of Caspar and ksi answer our questions be up?

  14.  avatar

    and that is why a dog is going to win Best Actor at the Oscars

  15.  avatar

    the funniest thing my dog can do is be invisible… I dont have a dog

  16.  avatar

    How are you

  17.  avatar

    Hey whats trending

  18.  avatar


  19.  avatar

    What's the funniest thing your pet does?

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