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Experiments to do at Residence! 14 DIY Science Experiment Concepts for Youngsters!

Experiments to do at house – DIY science experiment concepts for teenagers! On this video I present 14 experiments to do at house, that are good DIY science …


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    So excited to share these amazing experiments with you <3 In the video I show you 14 DIY science experiments to do at home. These are perfect for kids… and a bit older kids, haha 🙂 I love that all of the experiments are made using household items, which means that they are very affordable and easy, but still absolutely mind-blowing. Some of them are even edible and you can totally have them as a delicious treat after experimenting. Yum 😛 Tell me which experiment was your favorite – I really want to know 🙂 While waiting for my next video you can watch my DIY makeup life hacks – it's one of my favorites:

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    Sara you are the best i love you

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    First I thought the rise where sprinkle

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    It`s so cool.

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    this is very nice i tried this as home

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    I will low meeting you sara

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    make more

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    I love your videos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏👣👣👣👏👏

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    I think you should try to make diy moulds

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    You should do another nail tutorial because I love ur nails in this video

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    I love your sou br

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    are thoosr sprickles good

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    I did the slime one 😄

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    I did the slime one😄

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    ball and popsicles

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    lady this stuff doesn't work

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    this video reminds me of the female version of crazyrussianhacker

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    türkçe altyazıyı kim yapıyor yaw sjsjsjsjjs

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    I like you so much Sarah your the best

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    you're so amazing and smart!!!

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    Can i Get 69 likes

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    I can't even hear the video because my mom Paty Perez, my dad Roberto Castro, and my big brother Benjamin Castro are watching a movie! And I'm not going in my room because my phone is charging while I'm using it!

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    the slime is oobleck

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    sara maximum time u use blue food colouring in many video

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    Hiiii where do u get a fizz tablet? (Lava lamp)

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    I LIKED the popsicle and vinegar explosion and the skittles one

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    All of them

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    These are amazing! You are amazing at makeup as well!

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    Hi where are you living

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    do you have a sister and a mom or did your mom and dad move out

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    abonné vous a sa chaine

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    es que tu a musiqu aly

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    I like youre video

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    why u are always talking about Halloween

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    it's really cool!

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    the first one you should have some pink dye with the blue and purple

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    Didn't see this before now o.o I hope I get science on my well.. muntlige eksamen bcs I really hope I get something just to use one of these. Even tho I'm terrible in science xD

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    I think you're love galaxy

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