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F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Hilarious Bloopers

Bloopers From FRIENDS Funniest bloopers ADD ME ON _–_ Instagram — Fb …


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    matthew truly is chandler

  2.  avatar

    I can't handle the bagpipe scene.

  3.  avatar

    Honestly the bagpipes scene is my favourite scene that exists in any show ever

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    2:58 through 3:05 is amazing im still laughing

  6.  avatar

    I swear Friends has one of the best TV show bloopers to date

  7.  avatar

    I recently read the song Ross is playing is celebration. Mind blown

  8.  avatar

    i love u joeyyyyyyyyyyy

  9.  avatar

    Monica: Are you saying you don't wanna get with this?

    Gets me every time

  10.  avatar

    Is Perry the Chandler or is Chandler the Perry?

  11.  avatar

    you realize you've watched Friends so many times when you even remember their lines in these bloopers

  12.  avatar

    everyone seems so awkward around matthew (chandler), especially courtney (monica), which is a shame cause he's so funny, i would have loved having him on set

  13.  avatar

    it's odd that anistin was the only one that really made it big after cause they we're all really funny an talented

  14.  avatar

    it's the kid from big daddy

  15.  avatar

    why do they bleep "jesus" when pheoby is eating the cookie

  16.  avatar

    Cole Sprouse 😍

  17.  avatar

    7:48 awwwww chandler <3

  18.  avatar

    not all bloopers..

  19.  avatar

    Courtney was fine as hell in later seasons.

  20.  avatar

    some of these are even bloopers. horrible editing job too….

  21.  avatar

    Outro song ?

  22.  avatar

    That is so sweet

  23.  avatar

    This is so funny 💙😂😂 And at 3:28 Cole 😍😍

  24.  avatar

    I find the part 1:08 is hilarious 😂

  25.  avatar

    i love matt le blanc

  26.  avatar

    what's the song of the music in the end ??? pls answer …..

  27.  avatar

    I wish these were in HD……………..sigh…………first world problems hey

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