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Fails of the Week: That is obtained some kick!! (March 2017) || FailArmy

Take pleasure in this week’s hilarious fails! We have got a gun fail, chairlift fails, drunk fails and extra! When you’ve got a favourite, depart it within the feedback and you recognize the drill…


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    Glad that dick fell at the very end.

  2.  avatar

    Employer package attract side equal inspiration airport direct worried.

  3.  avatar

    4:39 that was some ET shit right there

  4.  avatar

    7:37 still the reigning chug champion because of this man.

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    4:40 new santa car

  8.  avatar

    Fourth one shade interview always beam captain automobile.

  9.  avatar

    at 1:52 the trampoline was like "I HATE YOU" and goes away lol

  10.  avatar

    dish I think deeply astoundisg mean ! !

  11.  avatar

    @ 2:12 possible the best fail

  12.  avatar

    That Kermit the frog laugh tho

  13.  avatar

    Plz go to meh channel

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    That deer tripping wasn't very funny, it was just cruel

  16.  avatar

    – I scared you?
    – I just poo poo.
    – Oh boy!

    Under the table!

  17.  avatar

    Lmao the magician

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  19.  avatar

    epic jar landing at 4:34

  20.  avatar

    Should I be jerking off to this video or no?

  21.  avatar

    3:20 You're ass is lucky it wasn't gta 5

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    Read More

  23.  avatar

    Haha nice shut

  24.  avatar

    That laugh at the end 😂😂😂

  25.  avatar

    4:39 E.T.

  26.  avatar

    that trampoline didn't like his house anymore…. he just needed to change.

    good luck with your new life trampoline..   good luck. :'(

  27.  avatar

    i just poopoo

  28.  avatar

    the biker at 2:35 was going a bit too fast maybe

  29.  avatar

    hill Climb fail

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