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Prime Tales Right now – FLASHBACK: TRUMP ACCUSER WAS PAID $500000 TO LIE FOR HILLARY. ⭐ Please Donate & Help This Channel: …


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    ⭐ Please Donate & Support This Channel:

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    Well, there you have it.
    She is a fair target for no holds barred litigation, so go for it Counselor!

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    So sad, that everyone has their price.  Anyone can be bought? Verry difficult to live in these arduous times1

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    And nbc, cbs, abc, cnn cover it up     email them and ask why then email their sponsors and tell them you WILL   boycott them.

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    All Americans want to see PROSECUTIONS, if not America will fall

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    Gloria and that liar n crooked killary should lock up in the same cell/Gloria made a living based on lies lies made up false allegations/sick

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    Gloria judgement day will come for you.
    Do you have any idea what will happen with your (glorious spirit) ?

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    I think Allredge should be arrested and charged

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    I've seen Clinton's for 40 yrs kill pillage lie cheat steal scam scheme and murder. Take down Clinton's statue He's a rapist. Haiti called they want their money back from Clinton's.
    And Bill was the only president impeached for purgery

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    Alred is a piece of shit. She will whore around for any publicity to put money in her pocket. She is no different from any pos attorney.

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    Trump is a dirty lying scumbag, that's why he's backing the child molester in Alabama!

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    Gloria Allredd should be put I. Jail for sabotage

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    The media is giving everyone attention deficit disorder and making everybody doubt everything.
    Who has the puppet strings?
    Who is the puppet master?

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    Why isn’t she disbarred

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    Liberal are the Lowe's form of life there is only way help this country is to never let another one in power

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    God protect & save president Donald Trump from the wicked one & punish the culprit with your most powerful right hand, Amen.

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    I believe President Trump…the left will stop at NOTHING including lying, collusion and murder to further their vile agenda and cover ups.

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    If Gloria Allred can be proved to be part of a conspiracy to lie, she should be dis-bared. Maybe she can find a better job to where she can afford to wear something other than that red outfit of hers?

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    they should all go to jail

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    Dis Barr the sleazy lawyer. She is trash. She is a reflection of the entire democrat party and most of the republican party. President Trump is the best President we've had in decades. We are so lucky. Trump 2020

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    Three dirty cunts

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    Waiting for the story to be released about the women claiming to have been sexually harassed and / or abused by Gloria herself.

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    Trump is our president now that's the most important thing. But, as a man I'm worrying about dating now than ever before. It's scary me to even talking to any women now. That's why a lot of men prefer robots or women dolls over human. I think they so sick of tired dealing with these kind of shits. Me too!!!!!!

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    Hang Alred🇺🇸

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    Where are the wives of the accused?

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    i think hillary and anyone else who lied should be sued for deflamation and go to jail and spend time cooling their jets.

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    If you still think Trump a rapist then you are an idiot, his not Bill Clinton.

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    Take away her license to practice law.

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    No surprise there!

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    This is DemocRats doing what they always do lie and be the scumbags they truly are.

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    Needs to be disbarred she is a LIER and a crook. 😡

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    Weak ass mental midget Libtards will try anything lol whatever accusations come out of their mouths is a reflection on them!! That's the crimes they are doing PERIOD.

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    Today democrats are no different than the extreme left commies, they'll do anything; no redline; the end justify the means"

    the establishment RINo are bunch of wuss. Only Trump can deal with them commies !

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    That's what whores expect is money.

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    Alred and her puppet masters need to go to jail.

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    Seems a couple of evil females need to go jail, do not pass GO, do not collect $500,000.00 I think 10 years in the clink is good punishment for both of them.

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    I don't surprise….same will be the Russia linked. TRUMP USA 👍👍👍🎄🎄🎄

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    That sounds just like something the liberals/Clintons would do:you lost Hillary get over it and let the president do his job.

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    If this is true has gloria allred been arrested if not how come….i read all these sensational headlines yet i see no arrests which does not make sense to me…if there is a follow up on this story please send me a link…thank you

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    Both the ALREDS should be disbarred and sent to GITMO with the BITCH KILLARY !!!!!!!

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    I think ANYONE that has to read a piece of paper to recount their experience is a LIAR!

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    This is a Democrat strategy to win government against American voters.

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    Gloria Alred And Her "Accuser's," NEED To Be Investigated !!!

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    Gloria Allred be in prison right now get that woman off the street very evil lady and very sick

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