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Conspiracy Theories

Flat Earth in 5 Minutes ▶️️

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    A brief overview of our flat earth in 5 minutes, but honestly 5 minutes is nowhere near enough time to thoroughly expose this 500 year deception. So please check out my longer entries if this peaked your interest. Thanks. – ODD

    True World:

    Learning Curve:

    Epic Deception:

    Flat Earth All Meat & No Potatoes:

    21 Questions for Flat Earth:

  2.  avatar this video explain everything

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    This is only proof that those without the intelligence to understand that half the "facts" used in this video are not even facts will believe in anything xD anyone that thinks this video is proof…. just look up the pythagorean theorem and compare it with what is said in this video, that should be your first indication that flat earth is based on nonsense.

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    Not even wrong.

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    Whatever you are smoking, you shouldnt do it anymore. Its not good for you…

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    If earth is flat than when there is difference in time in different countries …all countries must have day fall and nightfall at same time if earth is flat

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    ok so why NASA want us to think the Earth is round???

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    according to Einstein's theory of general relativity, the closest to the speed of light you move, the objects seem to be loosing their depth. If you could somehow reach the speed of light all objects would be flat. This is called the lorentz contraction and you can find more on that here:

    So I have to give it to the flat earthers: they just move at the speed of light. They are so advanced that they see everything at light's perspective. Respect that everybody… Not only earth is flat, You are flat aswell… everything is flat… Flat is the new Black!!! it's COOL!!

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    Explain the astrology of the southern hemisphere vs the astrology of the northern hemisphere. Understand before you answer that this is not debatable, this is not up to your opinion, it is a fact that the northern and southern hemisphere have very different astrological observations. These are things you can go outside and look at, not up for debate. So please, using the flat Earth model and not denying what everyone who lives south of the equator looks at every single night, explain the southern astrological observations.

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    god u flat earthers are stupid

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    I thought it was pretty interesting in this video when he said it was just the surface tension holding it together. If the earth was flat perhaps that can support the gravity rebuttal.. Idk juat thinking.. Still a premature thought perhaps.. This isba response from this. The astronaut squeezes a towel of water in a zero gravity environment.

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    When you put in the clip with NASA saying Orion will be able to take us beyond low earth orbit (implying they admit that they never have been before), why did you edit out the part where they said " for the first time in 4 decades"?
    I'm really disappointed and feel like you were dishonest there. It's really discrediting. You need to fix that and explain it if you're not trying to be deceptive. You had my interest until that point, and after that I feel you didn't respect your audience enough to give full disclosure.

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    If we change kilometers to pixels
    Earth would be 14000 pixels in diameter
    ____________ the line is earth
    ______________. The dot is a camera in a high altitude balloon.
    ____________ . The dot is now the ISS.
    (_) is now earth.
    (_)> the triangle is your horizon.
    You will ALWAYS see this -> [( because the horizon is a plate. The earth is a globe.

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    How many theories has science produced? How many theories have been proven? Let's say 10,000 proven out of 1,000,000,000 produced. Scientists are wrong 99.99999999 % of the time.

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    Queation: How are clouds lit from underneath @20 minutes before sunrise and @20 minutes after sunset on a flat earth(only observable with clouds present). From my observations this is possible on a ball earth but not in a flat earth where the sun falls below the horizon.

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    I've come to believe that the earth is flat, but I can't help but wonder what's in it for all those who have lied about it? Are they simply trying to see who'll fall for it or is there a greater purpose? The truth is like a lion. Let it loose and it will defend itself. Thanks ODD. Very concise and to the point.

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    why does everyone care if the earth is flat? What's the point? enjoy the time you have on it.

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    Of course it's photoshopped! But when you listen to the interview, you know fucking why!! Right after 30s seconds of this video I got cancer….

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    you're all retarded.

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    Thought this was a great, short video to explain the basics of FE.
    I read the comments from obvious globers and none of them really made any sense. Just my humble opinion.

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