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Fox Information: Wikileaks Proves Hillary Disclosed Categorised Secrets and techniques To Overseas Leaders For Money!

Prime Tales At present – Fox Information: Wikileaks Proves Hillary Disclosed Categorised Secrets and techniques To Overseas Leaders For Money! ⭐ Please Donate & Help This Channel:…


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    when are they going to lock her up???????

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    Everyone is talking about how currupt politicians are but only Fox is reporting on how currupt government employees and agencies are , we all know obama weaponized every government agencies to go after any Americans who are not libral . The IRS and FBI , the doj are the most currupt deep state agencies in the country!

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    The Pakistan doctor is in jail for helping the USA on this raid.

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    Tired of talking the talk,we need to start walking the walk.

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    Except that's not how it happened…. so was she leaking classified info?

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    Bin Laden's is alive

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    Jail is too lenient for all the treason she has committed to date the only justice for the death she's caused is to be publicly executed

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    Okay there we have it a Solid Source not hearsay arrester charge her put her in jail or at least banish her from the United States forever and sees her assets ,and her family's,,come on for fucksake do something somebody!

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    This just in Hillary Clinton is a cunt

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    We the people need to put together some crews and go enforce some laws. The penalty for treason is death

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    Boycott Corrupt Fake Corporation CNN Very Very Fake News Network Boycott Run By The Democrats

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    And while the average citizen pays and pays, she walks free. It's time to hold her accountable

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    Ummm….don't you get the death penalty for treason?

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    I'm so sick of this if this is true why is she not in jail, and why do they keep bothering are president.

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    Ok. So what does it take to arrest her

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    she would sell her family members for money. if the price was right

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    and yet she still walks around free. seems trump is as corrupt as every other politician.

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    Failure of FBI and DOJ….utterly shameful…

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    Yet she walks around freely.

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    This might be important news if Bin Laden hadn't been a CIA agent to begin with.

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    Im thinking that the corruption in government is totally embedded…that it would take a violent revolution to rid us of the corrupt skum.

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    Off with her head

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    Why is this b!tch traitor Hillary Clinton still walking the street, it's beyond belief? Where is this idiot moron imbecile Jeff Sessions. Trump must fired him.

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    🐀sooo are all the ropes ready for Clinton and Friends???👿

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