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Conspiracy Theories

FSS World Information Replace – Ukraine Conspiracy – Volcanic Awakening – Senate Votes Towards You – Nepal

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    I'm taking a few days off. You'll be my morning news though and of course the solitaire game. Yup! Gonna live high this week.

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    well i'm doing more and more of my net use through blocks, vpn, and other tools just because it more secure than the stuff on the market today.

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    Great as always man.

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    I have been telling all since The Japan disaster far from over, eat nothing from the sea, or chicken, been warning of this on herb blog and main site since 2012 way to many fish, sea life die off. I use this image to make my point.

    YOu walk in a store, you go to the meat counter, body's are all over the floor, would you still take a product off that meat shelf?
    True, the waters are full of poisons , radiation and such, man I love seafood and have followed my own advice we have so much killing us why add to it.

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    More war for profit Sad :(((

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    Thank you for all you do !!!

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    …arial and vehicular spraying for the virus. Scary, and we wonder what else is in those sprays. Thank you for always being here. Have a beautiful day!

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    Are you going to be doing live shows again? I miss those!!!

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    Thank you Brad. Do you think that the bird flu in Japan is actually a mass die-off from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster?
    Sometimes I wonder how many animal die-offs are in reality victims of Fukushima. Have a great day. Bless you and yours 🙂

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    Monday morning coffee and FSS news= real news!! Have a great day and stay safe Brad! Frank at RVR…

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    Wondering how many people have a Short-Wave Capable radio for back up when the PTB win their war on the Peoples-Right-To-Unaltered-News…Short-Wave isnt 100% reliable but being able to listen to Foreign Radio will at least give you ANOTHER source….

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    Thank you guys, really appreciate the work!

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    Youtube { pizzagate , pedogate }

    Day 154 – Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens +

    US Federal Law Enforcement, harassment, asset seizure, human trafficking, organ harvesting, vaccines +

    Watch Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation's Google Dumps; Rocky Beats GHWB and Phartingham To FinishED Line. With their NWO wet dream disturbed by WE THE GLOBAL COMMONERS this useless old pricks can depart; the sooner the better

    Fitzwilliam inbred military cult, Troy river, tent city, 18 Brickyard Troy depot, school, witch hood +

    UN UNCED: Earth Summit 1992 by George Hunt, depopulation, bank scams, fascist new world order agenda

    Leuren Moret – The Jesuits Are Not Catholics

    Original Footage of Dictator Kim Jong Un swiss` school & North Korea armytraining in Switzerland +

    The road to the templar's castle +

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    Warning: They actually aren't ACQUIRING the right or laws to DO these things because I KNOW they've already IMPLEMENTED them. These implementations are AFTER the FACT they Already HAVE. Laws enacted AFTER the crimes are already committed.

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    Vote Marine Le Pen

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    Brad and Kelly, with poultry (H-whatever N-whatever) and ocean animals (Fukushima) off the shopping list, and with damning questions about most agriculture (pesticides and GM), what are the SAFEST commercial food choices for the everyday bear? Any ideas?

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    Thanks Brad.
    If potential employers got hold of the information that can now be sold, not good.

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    Hello all. Thanks for the update Brad. Keep your eyes to the sky!

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    ATB mi friend

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    up my patreon. have a wonderful day.PEACE…

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    hi brother good report did you get my e-mail?

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    Thank you so much Brad. It's very scary out there. And what's even more scary is that they aren't telling us….😔 thank you for all you do. You are my go to news site now. I share, but those on my face book feed aren't interested in knowing what's going on, at least most of them.

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    thank you Brad, don't ever let the government silence us, poeple are letting there guard down since Trump was elected (or selected in my openion) they want us to trust government again, but I can see past the bullshit, keep doing what you do, my family appreciate you and your crews hard work, many Blessings to you guys and girls:)

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    this Ukrainian war is not between USA and Russia "over the heads of the people", the people in the new selfproclaimed.republics fight for their freedom to decide if they want to be ruled by jewish oligarchs and their Nazi minions backed by the USA to bring Ukraine into NATO. They said no, thanks. we do our own thing.

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    where do you get your sources? just curious o.O

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    Hopefully this great report doesn't get whacked!! Take care and stay safe my friend!!

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    hello, good morning my fellow thought extremists lol. have a good day everyone.

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    Thank you as always Brad, keep fighting the good fight brother and be safe.

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    Thanks Brad.

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    how can we get more people to see this I know I tell and show everyone everything you do I just wish we could spread this to main stream and everywhere

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    Schmee again
    Award winning broadcast again

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    I'm traveling to Nepal on Saturday for a 3 week hike, I'm guessing it would be smart to stay away from all poltry when I'm there yeah?

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    Thanks Brad as always! Was your twitter temporarily suspendet or something?
    Greetings from Germany!

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    2nd Again……

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