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Woman Virtually Loses Head When Amusement Journey MALFUNCTIONS! | What’s Trending Now!

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A younger woman had a brush with dying when a carnival journey on the Throne Truthful in Paris malfunctioned, leaving her dangling by her ankles 164 ft from the bottom!


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  1.  avatar

    Dang that last one.

  2.  avatar

    I would love to do that

  3.  avatar

    If she would had gotten decapitated right when she came lose at the bottom?? That would had been some Final Destination type shit..

  4.  avatar

    I like the rides that spin you around so fast that you stick to the walls. Don't think it's deadly.

  5.  avatar

    She could've pulled herself up

  6.  avatar

    lol slowing momentum

  7.  avatar

    No Bueno. Old news. How is this still around but sourcefed is cancelled? Makes no sense.

  8.  avatar

    Oh my god 😐

  9.  avatar

    the north carolina fair one had everyone in NC scared. We all go at least once to the fair every year. My uncle and his ex wife even worked there every year for a while. My school even conveniently puts a teacher work day on one of the fair days just for us to go(because a lot of us leave school early just to go to it). Its scary to think it could have been one of us or a family member. We all think about it now when we go on these rides

  10.  avatar

    yeah man all that theme park shit gets fatigued and worn out. Look at Dreamworld in Australia! a whole family mangled and drowned.. -|- Fuck theme parks! Never again!

  11.  avatar


  12.  avatar

    Hell Nah!

  13.  avatar

    Trying to fear monger using carnival rides? Seriously?

  14.  avatar

    unsubscribing because of those pop ups at the end, oh and also i disliked alot of your videos and will continue to do so.

  15.  avatar

    looks dope af, way better thay way. that bitch was a pussy

  16.  avatar

    That looks fun. Lucky girl.

  17.  avatar

    I'm early

  18.  avatar


  19.  avatar

    So…what's trending just discovered the trending section on YouTube….. this is old news, along with a lot of stuff they have covered lately.

  20.  avatar

    Stuff like that is scary AF

  21.  avatar

    wow that's sad😢

  22.  avatar

    you texts me on musically and I re-texeted you please answer

  23.  avatar

    First like

  24.  avatar

    I'm first comment! This is so funny

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