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Hillary Clinton Strike Once more! Trey Gowdy’s Investigators Go Lacking!!!

Please watch: “Breaking Information! Obama Simply Received SUED! His Jail Days are Close to”

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    All Trey Gowdy quotes and news are fake unless i see him actually saying on video. These hoax sites publish this crap to make conservatives and truthers look bad and then people spread it like a virus. No missing investigators, no Arkansas, no shallow grave, no nothing. Do some of your own research before publishing.

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    I don't know anyone that's gone missing or murdered. The Clintons are just evil, evil, evil. They will face God someday as we all will. If they don't repent they're in big trouble.

  3.  avatar

    it's going to come down to us. the people in power that want change face too much corruption. They are slowly silencing our voices. Every day I get up, hear more bad news, get pissed off, nobody to throttle, makes you feel helpless. I don't know, maybe, we need to get a little nastier..

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    O.k. I've been investigating on my own, checking local Little Rock News, radio pages, public forums. I do not see anything about 2 bodies found murdered. Not even on the Little Rock police blotter live feed. I don't believe in snopes or any of those pages, they are paid to throw people off …that is why I look into what the local citizens are saying. I see nothing there. I came from a small town where everyone knew everyone's business, good and bad. I have yet to see any words about 2 bodies found, from the mouths (or keyboards) from family members of police, from citizens, etc. If anyone can find a link of that sort, share it. Other than that, I am not going to believe in something that I can't find on any public forum. Surely someone out there would have said something like, "omg, they found 2 bodies down the road from me" or, "my husband came home from work and told me about the 2 bodies they found". I would not put it past the Klintons to have people murdered…there is tons of proof on those deaths. So if anyone can find ANY local proof of these 2 murders, I'd like to actually SEE it. PS, I'm sick of hearing about Patreon. When our household was getting broke with the threat of not being able to pay our mortgage, I took on a real second job. Yes we need truth researchers, but everything I see on here is stuff that I can get off the patriot radio stations and research myself in my spare time.

  6.  avatar

    James Comey knows just like all the rest if you want to dead step over the line and you and your family is dead!
    The Clinton's George Soros, Barack Obama and the rest that do as they please and walk free as a bird makes it clear with example what will happen if you testify against them think again you'll never make it to a court room.
    And the whole U.S. Government and everyone around the world is afraid of them or they would have been in prison or dead from a firing squad for what they have to the whole world.
    And their is no one safe from the money and connection of murders that these criminals.
    So what are you going to do about it?!?!?!?!
    Answer not a damn thing!

  7.  avatar

    sorry bro but i only believe what comes out of Gowdys mouth, try to get video content for credibility and my subscription

  8.  avatar

    Why hasn't the media reported on this?? Is this fake news?

  9.  avatar

    time to sick the CIA on Barack and Hillary. The Clintons are Serial Killers!

  10.  avatar

    just say what you need to say and stop with the Cliffhanger talking

  11.  avatar

    activate The Knights Templars for the investigations this will sort them all out expose the infrastructure then go for the head or heads

  12.  avatar

    Vengeance is mine says the Lord….CLINTONS investigation has everything to do with it…they were getting close and were killed…send a massive force to that area….there must be bunkers underground .Good will always prevail against evil….

  13.  avatar

    heres one wendy leigh…..a writer on epstein who was writing a book on epstein and clinton. before she got it out she fell off her balcony…….yeh sure

  14.  avatar

    What is the source of this story ?

  15.  avatar

    i cannot find a reputable source on this story; if anyone has a confirmed link, i'd appreciate it.

  16.  avatar

    Ask Larry Nichols, the former Clintons' hitman way back from their time in Arkansas.

  17.  avatar

    I am yet to find a reliable source on the discovery of these bodies [I do not dispute their murder]. The only source I've found is "The Last Line Of Defence" a spoof site. If you doubt me read their "About Us" tab.

  18.  avatar

    Havent they found the bodies buried in a forest and apparently had been tortured killed and wrapped in plastic bags..

  19.  avatar

    God is watching and His Holy Angels record in the Lamb's Book of Life, EVERY detail of EVERY word and deed each person has been linked to since birth, so should they get away with this in this world they WILL NOT in the next, going to be a lot of noise coming from the knees shaking and teeth chattering from evil people on Judgment Day, UNLESS they wake up, repent and spend the rest of their lives fixing the destruction they created it will be eternal hell for all of them!

  20.  avatar

    they have more than enough to put her in jail treason and why haven't they done that they found the bodies in ark

  21.  avatar

    WHY NO SECURITY DETAIL ?  ===   I KNEW it, I knew that there would be more executions once these investigations began. I have one concern, why weren't all witnesses placed in the Witness Protection Program awaiting any court dates in the future, making it mandatory now b/c of who they're investigating, and why didn't all investigators seeking to investigate these Dangerous Cabal Folks have a 24 hour Police Escort, or why not assign Secret Service Agents to them until they got what they wanted in these investigations ? I pray Trey doesn't assign other investigators until he receives Secret Service Agents for them, and b/c of these executions keep their names and other info on them top secret! What we are experiencing today concerning all of these American Cabal Members is like nothing we've seen in the past, thus it calls for strict protection measures, and for all evidence and the mission to be treated as top secret with only a few in the know until the courts spread out and arrest them. I now think that these Executions will be where they go to prison, a man like Trey G. WILL NOT quit until he has all of them sitting on death row, you watch! Oh please Father God help us stop these people asap.

  22.  avatar

    Aaah… to be a black transgendered DemokRat prior to Nov. 2016: what a future! Scalia murdered… Mr. Gowdy should Pack Heat !!

  23.  avatar


  24.  avatar

    HiLlARy, should be strung up by her _its for Treason. A Live TV show while hanging this useless subhuman witch wouldn't be bad

  25.  avatar

    We need to pray that all of these deaths will be solved and prosecuted. Years ago the police could not locate a serial killer who had been boasting about his killings for many years. One small church got together one night and prayed that the killer would be caught, and he was arrested in one month.

  26.  avatar

    The site you are referencing is junk. Full of ads and malicious malware. How could you be involved with such a corrupt site? This is much worse than an "FAKE NEWS", I have ever come across. Check it out people – just make sure your anti virus and anti malware is turned on!!!!!!!!!!!

  27.  avatar

    they using serial killers

  28.  avatar

    in the great words of Obama Barry 'two words, predator drones', they still think they will not be found out. Those hitmen need be silenced. They using the element of surprise, those fighting cannot be complacent, be on guard.

  29.  avatar

    my first two sentences are for the wicked after ha is for you

  30.  avatar

    no common sense today, fools pretending to be wise, ha,ha, don't kill yourself bro report on goodness, wickedness has no end, remember that.

  31.  avatar

    This Mother Fucker Hillery is Coning Smart how she killed people did so much Ext-ream Cream Still bolstering Comey Mother Fucker Still working And never Church her He got paid ^ million Dollar My God What kind of Government we have Fuck She should be In Jail for long Time Are we so crazy She is Worse Criminal of America

  32.  avatar

    It just hit me, what are the possibilities that the Clintons hired MS-13? Just a thought.

  33.  avatar

    No surprise. Her supporters think all of these things are a vast right wing conspiracy. They think she is a great woman. All of the smoke surrounding her is a witch hunt.. You can't convince them otherwise. Even if something comes to light they won't believe any of it.

  34.  avatar

    Get a hair cut ! James Comey should be behind bars for rtreason.

  35.  avatar

    PELOSI—Do you know of 'Goat Hill Pizza?'—-goat = devil.

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