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The best way to Construct a Patio – A simple Do it Your self Challenge

Constructing a Patio -EASY?!? Sure- we present you how one can construct a Minimize-less (YES NO CUTS!!) paver patio. Learn how to Put together the inspiration soils, the bottom soils and the …


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    Damn you're good ….I wish I watched this a week ago!!..LOL..

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    I'm repair a patio what the best way

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    I liked this guy until he said "irregardless"….

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    great video! you did a beautiful job.

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    if your working on a slope and will be using blocks to build up………and if you have prepared the base as you said…for the blocks…….the area inside which will be your paver patio……..can that base be put on top of the ground ??????? i hope you understand what i'm trying to say……..or do you have to dig it out???????? and then add your base material

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    Good job, thanks

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    I have bricks that were used on my house, wanting to use them. is that an ok idea? saving money you know . . ..

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    Great video. Have you made a video on a raised paver patio?

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    Can anyone give me a very rough ballpark figure for a job like this one? Not DIY, but the cost of having pros do it. I live in NJ so a NJ estimate would be great, but any estimate in any state will help a lot. I'm looking to do a patio almost exactly like this with the same material, pattern, and fire pit. Thanks in advance.

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    I would like to know if you could make a good video in SOLDIER COURSE installation techniques is not enough in detail out there thank you.

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    Stanley+++ Thanks for the great tips. I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm.

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    You should be in sales; you got the gift. I know you sell In your job but you could sell big ticket items and make a lot of money. Just thinking. Love the video and this info will help me get my paver deck done correctly so thanks!!!

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    You should have put the word "irregardless" in the blooper clips.

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    a foot of base thats a lot of dirt to remove hehhee

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    We use 57s for backfill on retaining walls. With 4" corrugated pipe for drainage. We use 411 for our base material along with poly meric sand for the joints. And instead of sand for our screed base we use 9s.

    MV Lawn Care LLC
    Luke McIntosh, owner

    PS we use versa-lok as well.

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    Stanley – do you have any preference between class 5 and recycled concrete? I've looked on-line to see if there's any benefit to one over the other and can't seem to find any concrete evidence (ba doom pshhhh) about better compaction etc…All I know is recycled concrete is cheaper. Thanks!

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    Hey Stan, im working with a guy on his website and he is SRW certified and ICPI certified and I told him to use 1inch sand base and not to use polymeric sand lol. I said that you are an authority source of info and told him I would not promote his business if he didn't take the advice. His business is only 1 year old.

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    Is there a 'no shouting and gesticulating' version of this?

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    excellent video, Question? can you do this above a leach field from a septic tank?

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    You deserve more subscribers!!❗️

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    Do you need a permit to lay down pavers ?

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    Everything looks good but you shouldnt do a wood steps at the end, you should do paver steps

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    Great video, I did not know that about the polymeric sand, that's something the big box stores don't tell you.

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    Informative. Thanks! One thing that stood out that is irrelivant to the process. "Irregardless" is not Word (it is now in the dictionary as a slang word because so many people use it not knowing it is incorrect), it is a double negative and sounds rediculous. The correct word is "regardless". Sorry for the douche bag comment but that word drives me nuts for some reason.

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    Block paving is for driveways , natural stone slabs for patios

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    If I have sprinkler lines, will compacting crush them or affect them negatively in any way?

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