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Learn how to Make an Aquarium at Residence – Do it Your self (DIY)

DIY : Discover ways to make a aquarium (Fish tank) utilizing glass, ornamental stone and synthetic plant. Thanks for watching Loopy NK !!!!!!


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    A very good idea fantastic….. But the glue that u have applied is what the name of the glue

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    Where do i buy glqs for my aquarium?

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    thanks for sharing

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    which liquid is use to stick the glass????

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    Seriously, did the fish stay alive for more than 2-3 days? I am afraid not.
    There are so many things done wrong here I don't even know where to begin from. The main mistake: there is a procedure named CIRCLING, which is a must done for any container that imitates a fish's natural ecosystem, in order to establish the essential bacteria. It takes a lot of time and certainly didn't take place here. You don't just fill a tank and throw the fish into the water like that! Where is the filter, the temperature-acidity checking, the dechlorinating of the water…? You've put too many fish in a relatively small aquarium…goldfish need at least 30l of water per each and produce a huge amount of waste, which makes the filter in the tank more than important. You also can't put them in the same tank with tropical fish, they need different water temperatures. They will most probably die within 2-3 days because of their waste and toxic ammonia building up.

    I 'd suggest you make sure you are well informed about aquarium and fish care before making such "how to" videos.

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    Tal ves no hables español pero deja me decirte que ese proyecto es sencillo y te quedo de lujo

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    No silicone?

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    Very nice

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    Watch my video

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    Which glue did you used ?

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    No no no no! That tank is not nearly big enough for any one of those fish let alone all of them! You stocked it with very incompatable fish that all individually need a minimum tank size of 30+ gallons! Where is the filter? The heater for the tropical ones? Goldfish can grow to the size of a dinner plate and live upwards fo 20 years if kept properly. The same for the Groumie. The Iridescent sharks can grow up to a foot long or larger and are semi aggresive! Goldfish create way to much waste and ammonia to be healthy tank mates for any other fish. This DIY tank is any educated fish keeper's nightmare!

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    Kon sa gum use kiye bhai

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    Maybe you should delete this video, this is kind of animal cruelty…. Poor fish are dead within 2 weeks…. I hope the tank didn't hold and your house is flooded

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    Aapna kis cheeg sa kaatch ko chipkaya hai please bataya I'm vating to

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    navin what glue are u using????? and to it works for big tanks.??👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎

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    A blind man with feet for hands could do better

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    Ha ha ha you did everything wrong not one single thing right. Built like a retard, cold water fish with tropical fish, no filter no heater didn't cycle the tank you stupid fucking retard.

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    I must say, one of the ugliest substrate setup ever.

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    Is that a shark?

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    What to actually do:
    Get a filter running…
    Declorinate the water
    Get heater
    Cycle the water
    Do weekly water changes
    Pick fish that enjoy the same temperature and won't eat each othe
    Let fish sit in bag floating on the water for 15 minutes so they become the same temperature
    Also google what to do as this brief tutorial is just the vey basics!

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    That's just so wrong!

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    this is fucking an ikea kit or something wtf i dont have glass at home?

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    research karke ayo pagal? acclamation tumhara baap karega!

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    poor fishes to idiot hands

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    bad made

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    I loved it.I really appreciate the way you made it.could you please tell me which glue you have used??

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    what size is your aquarium?

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    What is used in pasting for glass

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    quite a shocking set up really!!!! having a goldfish and a gourami nigga say what?!…maybe you get pet snails rather you obviously have no clue on what you doing

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    you have used which type of adhesive

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    Jajajajajajajajajajaja are you retarded??? Wtf are you doing. Everything in this video is fucking wrong… The way you made the tank, the substrate… Etc everything….

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    Which gum you used

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    kanch ko chipkate kis se hai

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    aquarium way the small for this fish !!! just animal abuse

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    I can do better .-.

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