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Easy methods to Make DIY Slime Stress Balls

DIY Stress Balls. Make Oobleck Slime from cornflour or cornstarch, and use marble balloons to make actually cool stress balls. Good in the event you’re careworn at work or …


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    For how to make 'Magnetic Slime' click here:

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    Could u use actual flour

  3.  avatar

    Will.flour work

  4.  avatar

    will corn meal work

  5.  avatar


  6.  avatar

    is not slime

  7.  avatar

    Can you use a water balloon? Or a latex balloon?

  8.  avatar

    Material of stretch armstrong

  9.  avatar

    Hi Daddy pig 😂

  10.  avatar

    I had to get somebody to help Me !

  11.  avatar

    I subscribed can i have one

  12.  avatar

    Where did u buy the marble balloons

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    Or you can use flower and double it with a ballon and use a bottle like he did

  17.  avatar

    My frind has don that

  18.  avatar

    On öne 916383 dila

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  20.  avatar

    I think he just made oobleck

  21.  avatar

    Its obleck not a slime

  22.  avatar

    pretty cool ahaa

  23.  avatar

    Stop saying pretty cool. K

  24.  avatar

    that's oobleck not slime

  25.  avatar

    that's oobleck not slime

  26.  avatar

    I like it

  27.  avatar

    I play with the Stress Balls….
    When I get stressed out…

  28.  avatar

    Pretty cool huh?

  29.  avatar

    "Put some into a jug"

    Pours the whole thing

  30.  avatar

    Tips out to a drug

  31.  avatar

    Does it have to be corn flaur

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    You should improve your accent color balling

  35.  avatar

    You should have holes in the extra ballon to make it better

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    This video aww so amazing dude😘😘😘

  37.  avatar

    I thought i was the only one who knows how to make it ….

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    „Put SOME in a jug”
    Adds full box dave hax 2k16

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    1:32 Um….You kinda missed the bowl….

  40.  avatar

    Your weird

  41.  avatar

    dont like this.

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