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It’s Occurring! Hillary Might Lastly Be Arrested After What Trump Simply Tweeted As soon as He Obtained His Acc…

Prime Tales As we speak – It is Occurring! Hillary Might Lastly Be Arrested After What Trump Simply Tweeted As soon as He Acquired His Account Again ⭐ Please Donate & Help …


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    Yes yes!!!!!!!!

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    Well we should get rid of both parties and everyone should have to run as independents , that will also open up the floor for more qualified people who just dont have that kinda funding to run

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    nothing will happen until the little girly boy sessions is fired the little bitch is on killary Obummer and Soros payroll treason traitor little bitch

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    Hillary Clinton goes into a bar and orders an oval office. "How exactly is that made?" asks the bartender. She responds, "Take an empty glass, John Podesta shits in it, Robby Mook pisses in it, I squirt menstrual juice into it, and Bernie Sanders approves of it all."

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    Bernie supported Hillary even after wikileaks showed she stole the nomination from him. He is just as much a worthless piece of shit scumbag.

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    And the body count still continues to rise.The smell of death surrounds this MONSTER,HILDABEAST.The is no crime she won't participate in.
    Wake up and smell the corpses.

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    We will not believe it until we see her in handcuffs and in Jail. Otherwise, we think this is a bunch of BS as always she is above the LAW. Seems like she is sold to the Devil she can never be brought to JUSTICE what is happening to our rule of law system. It is crumbling right before our eyes and our so-called leaders' are sitting back and watching it crumble fooling the American citizens that they are doing something about it.They didn't have any problem with sentencing Martha Steward to the penitentiary. Of course she was not paying people off.
    We either place these criminals in Jail now for their crimes or it is going to continue on a larger scale if the Top Echelons are allowed to break the law and get away with it as Hillary has done an continues to do. it will get worst. Just look at her history. Put them all in jail now. I believe we have enought evidence to find them Guilty of there crimes and them some.

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    Hillary might escape Justice in this life, but God knows all her evil doings and will reward her accordingly in the afterlife. Hillary is only remaining alive as long as God permits. She cannot bribe or threaten him.

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    Hillary Weinstein is the worst Human ever. Obama is Hitler. Their voters are a Nazi.

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    Hi, almost president.

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    Donna knows she wears a target on the back of her head.

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    Somebody please created a screensaver of Hillary Clinton being arrested. Oh please.

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    Donna Brazile, nothing better happen to her or all those other 50+ deaths surrounding the Clintons will be more Suspect

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    They all against him because he knows they are all pedophile and murderers and Other things. Even the mainstream media are in with it

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    Find her and make her history

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    She is just trying to give George Soros his monies  worth      like Obama did

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    This woman is evil

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    Put her in the oven with every availble copy of her book.

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    Don't let Hillary Clinton walk free, she has been free long enough. Send her to a Federal Prison for life.

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    Clean up the doj and f.b.i. with new people.

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    Please please please please please!

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    the amount of her crimes keeps building every time I see her on TV or read about her there's one more crime added to the list yet the FBI which is been corrupted by the Obama Administration is not doing their job unless of course they're getting paid by the clintons 2 do what they're doing which is nothing. it's time for all concerned Americans to stand up 2 the FBI and demand that Justice be given the American people.

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    This are all distracting from Clinical
    Send some few Officials to watch over the Clintons don’t forget.

    My guess the whole things is happening all the Officials & Democrats will sacrifice for Hillary and willingly to lose their jobs or go to jail. As Long Hillary is secure because she is their Boss and she Hillary have the most money that can feed all the Democrats, FBI , CIA etc till kingdom come. Focus on Hillary Clintons deeply if Hillary is caught she face a death penalty and the rest of Hillary machine. They so fear this will come. So please focus on Hillary Clinton she is the main Key, that’s why they protecting Hillary..
    Mr President Donald Trump you are coming to totally cleaning the swamps.

    Mr President Donald Trump everything wild be coming very very soon to an end of Hillary and Her machine.

    Make a deal with Hillary Clinton secretly to reveal everything in writing.

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    Suzanna maria Emmanuel explains it all

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    I'm glad about the fact that Dona Brazil decided to tell everything… However, DON'T YOU BE FULLED AND BELIEVE FOR ONLY A SECOND that Dona Brazil is some hero !!!… NO, SIR !!!… SHE IS JUST ANOTHER STINKING LIBERAL RAT THAT DECIDED TO JUMP THE SINKING SHIP and eventually TRY TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR HERSELF AND SAVE HER CAREER !!!… And I believe she will probably manage to save her STINKING career because she is another "MINORITY"and probably someone will decide to be "POLITICALLY CORRECT" as usual… Cheers !!!…

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    Lock her UP

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    People need to demand justice and hold the DOJ, the FBI and Congress accountable for allowing decades of corruptions in our government and country. We need to see some heads roll for not doing their job. Drain the swamp!

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    Crooked Hillary !!!!

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    What a narcissistic piece of crap this woman is,if you can call her a human being. It is unbelievable how naive some american people are about this piece of shit

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    Do you really think that the Americans people want a peaceful America? Of course, they do. But who is the President of America? Trump? wrong. The evil prostitute Hillary Clinton who seems to have all the big guns on her side – FBI, the DOJ, Attorney General (a dirty back stabber – who shit in plate he eat from), Wall Street, Soros, Sachs; even the slave of treachery, the most shameless, and overgrown "Mr.Rear", PHD in BULL 'SHITTERY' and disgrace to the human race to occupy the White House – no other than The Very Hon. Obama MD, DD. VD. He is very rich now from the blood, sweat and tears of Americans. Now, back to Mrs. Ram Goat (smelly) murderer Killary – are you ashamed to be alive?

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    This is so bad that I really don.t think Clinton will be brought to justice. I know all the rest of the populace would be locked up. When is Congress going to get off their butts and get the Clintons after all what they have done to this country?

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    40 year criminal Hillary Clinton stated it best last year during the election! She said, "if Donald Trump is elected president, WE WILL ALL HANG! " I think she's right for once!

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    that bitch will never be arrested tried let alone convicted for every crime her r her husband ever committed

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    just charge hillary for one of the dead body gaurds

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