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It’s Official! Trump Simply Made Historical past In BIG Announcement Made 10 Months Into His Presidency – Cong

Prime Tales At the moment – It is Official! Trump Simply Made Historical past In BIG Announcement Made 10 Months Into His Presidency – Congrats In Order ⭐ Please Donate …


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    I'm happy to see Trump doing his best to carry through with what he said he'd do, but can we please get ALL of our politicians off of Twitter. It'd cut down on the drama in my opinion.

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    I just said the same thing this morning. That our President dont care who gets mad in the Govt. He does right for the American people. How wonderful

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    This is my president,big positive growth when President Trump a real leader takes charge !!! May GOD bless you !!!

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    Mr Trump, if you confiscate all the American bank accounts and properties of the Mexican corrupt politicians there will be so much money that you con built a bigger barrier than the Chinese wall, end please cut NAFTA, that deal benefits the Mexican oligarchs only.

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    🙏❤️🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸❤️🙏

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    It's time God really blesses our President ! He needs all the help from above he can get'! Stupid people and the Demon Rats love making his life and job misurable . It must stop and stop now! God Bless you President Trump God Bless you even more! 👍😀

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    Does this guy do anything in office. Between playing golf and reviewing movies and plays he has no time left to do his job.

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    I hope Trump continue to depend on God and not the people or himself. This is why he is successful even though there are obstacle in front of him. Nothing is impossible to God. God bless our leader and God bless America.

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    God bless president Trump and God Bless America Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

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    He is working his ass off to turn this country around. Give the man credit; he loves his country and is doing everything he can to move us forward despite ALL the negative press. If DC would unite and put petty differences aside and work together, imagine what could be done! Very proud he is my President. I think the founding fathers would approve too.

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    Because Trumps targeting poor ppl of every race and cutting back financial resources, keep in mind everyone that receives financial assistance is not always unemployed, most just dont get paid enough to survive in this economy but are still tax payers #ijs

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    president trump is definitely my favorite president plus he is funny he makes me laugh

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    we should have a Trump here in Greece and get rid of the left parasites, i see them all day long out on the streets protesting-never working-never producing-wanting to devour everything because it is a socialist right… the laziness+gluttony = Banana Republic
    Long live Trump and the free economy

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    We voted Trump and we never get sick of winning.

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    Obama was and still is a piece of shit. History will show he was the second worst president in our history. Trump 2020.

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    Trump did all that with the Demoncrats obstructing every step of the way. Remember when it comes time to vote again. God bless Trump.

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    OUR AMERICAN IS BETTER THEN YOUR ALIEN! Scares the hell out of all those liberals that Trump is bring us back faster than that  Un-Vetted Illegal Alien (Obama) destroyed it! That is why they are trying to kick him out!

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    The swamp creatures are happy living in their cesspools. Americans are not. This is why the swamp creatures are obstructing! They would have been better off if they just took their illegally gained money and left the country. Look how much they have spent on obstruction.

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    i think president is the best i voted for him and i will vote for him again. he is the best president that america ever had. love the man!

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    God Bless Our Great President Trump Thank you

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    So far so good

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    Kenyan Muslim Obama lovers thumbing down this video.

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    It made me so emotional . Hope GOD doesn't forsake America and this great man !

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    This man, is legendary

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    King God Emporer Trump. Thank you for saving us. <3 Best president ever.

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    well done mr trump I know just by your actions that you are a good man, all Obama did was rip all the people off, you have shown the opposite .keep it up sir,maybe give some of your tips to t,may in the u.k.

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    Praise the Lord.

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