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It’s Over! Anti-American NFL Simply Hit With Their Most Devastating Information Of The Season That Will Finish T

Prime Tales In the present day – It is Over! Anti-American NFL Simply Hit With Their Most Devastating Information Of The Season That Will Finish The League. ⭐ Please Donate …


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    ⭐ Please Donate & Support This Channel:
    Only MLB Player To Take A Knee ARRESTED After What He Did To Trump Supporting Waiter. :
    NFL: Jerry Jones Keeps Promise, Fires Player Who Protest Anthem.:
    NFL: The Awesome Thing Happening To Ungrateful NFL Players Who “Take a Knee” During The Anthem. :
    NFL: It’s OVER! Every Single NFL Kneeler Just Woke To WORST News Of Their Careers – They Look RIDICULOUS:
    NFL Player Runs Onto Field During Flag Ceremony And SHOCKS Entire Stadium With What He Did To Soldier:
    NFL: Patriots QB Just Pissed Off His Entire Team With What He Did Before Game While Players Were Protesting:
    NFL: Entire Broncos Team Just Woke To WORST News Of The Season After They Didn’t Listen – Too Late Now:
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell press conference on National Anthem controversy:
    After Getting BAD News Overnight, NFL Commish Just Emerged From 3Hr Meeting With SHOCK Announcement:
    NFL: 48Hrs After Furious Jag Fan Flew Scathing Message Over Players’ Protest, Look What Happened To Him.:

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    BOYCOTT NFL ! BOYCOTT NFL ! BOYCOTT NFL ! UNTIL they are BANKRUPT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 KEEP KNEELING and see how far you Felons go.

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    Sorry…Dec 7th 1941

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    I'm a white American and frankly ashamed and embarrassed that this country is still fighting itself about the color of ones skin. As a nation we should remember our history and the lessons that it didn't learn. December 7th 1942 we were attacked at Pearl Harbor and it sunk the nation into it's second world war barely 20yrs after the previous one. It galvanized the country and I'll quote Japanese Admiral Yamamoto who said, "I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant." Yes, the United States is not without blood on it's hands along racial lines an instance being we interned Japanese Americans in internment camps for the duration of the conflict. But, the world for the most part stopped a tyrant practicing genocide against many peoples with Jews being the majority. Now fast forward to 9/11 when we again were attacked with the destruction of the Twin Towers. More Americans died in that attack than Pearl Harbor. Attacked by terrorists just because we were Americans and mostly Christians. Once Bin Laden was killed people seemed to believe it was over and let the pain of being stabbed in the heart of of our greatest city subside and the pain of that is now all but gone. We have a new generation that is growing up without the pain of that event but as they get older enough, are still asked to fight and die in foreign lands every day and it doesn't even make the evening news cast. It's the longest running conflict in the history of our nation and our young men and women who make the choice to go fight and die don't know the reason why. But I am old enough to know and it's not because of the color of our skin… it's just because we are Americans. It's a religious war waged against every person in this country, and it's because of the deplorable leadership this country has had since John F Kennedy. The days of opposing armies with different uniforms lining it up and slugging it out are over. A strong leader in Washington DC is what's needed and the gloves need to come off and we, as a nation, have to be willing to get mean enough to go cut the head off every snake that tries to take a strike at us. Freedom isn't free. It takes strength, bravery, and blood to be saved at times. The gloves need to come off starting in the White House and a citizenry strong enough to support or leader no matter what. Pick up a few history books that you were supposed to read in high school and read the damn things and pay attention to the lessons that we should have learned a hell of a long time ago before we have another religious conflict that rivals The Crusades…and I'm willing to bet that not 5% of anybody under 20yrs old has even heard of that or when it happened. A religious war that lasted over 100 years depending upon what information you referenced. Americans die outside of our borders every day and they don't even make the news and it's damn shameful. They're told that they're doing it because they're protecting our rights here. How many more years do you think you will be able to influence a young American graduating high school with that BULLSHIT reason. Maybe at least when the evening news goes off they will have the decency to list the KIA's, MIA's, and POW rolls of the day on the TV screen like they did when I was little and the war in Vietnam was still going on. Maybe… before this country tears itself apart from the inside out and do the damn job for the assholes we're fighting outside our borders laughing at all of us.

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    I got kids i can't ignore racist cops killing black men what if my son become one of those men all kids have good and bad friends and do bad stuff some time they shouldn't die over that these aren't cops killing bank robbers these traffic stops and cop and civilian confrontation.

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    Trump should make them pay a fine to our veterans every time they disrespect our true hero’s .

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    You're delusional if you don't believe Trump has the support, and power behind him. I completely underestimated it. He's strictly business.

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    GOD bless our Men and Women that serve our Nation. Honer them and our flag by boycotting the nfl forever. I will never watch another nfl game. I still love college football unless they start  acting disrespectful to our Flag and Nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA !

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    dump the NFL: I don"t watch anything on ESPN. Let them go get real jobs, and quit playing a game for a living!

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    Hopefully, MNF moves to the NFL Network instead and the NFL starts listening to its fans and learns a valuable lesson. ESPN has become so political & PC in the past few years that it is just sickening. People watch Sports to get a reprieve from all that garbage and they have (or the folks at Disney) ruined that once great network! I have cut WAY back on my viewing of the NFL & have ALWAYS been a huge fan until this year! If ESPN loses the NFL, I could careless if I ever watch it again. The only possible exceptions would be (1) The Heisman Trophy Show and (2) The College Football Bowl Games in Dec. & Jan. Other than that, I would not miss it at all.

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    I always wondered what would happen if somebody gave a war and nobody showed up. I think we are about to find out that age old question.

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    F R E E da S L A V E S !

    B O Y C O T T
    ESPN !
    NFL !
    NBA !
    H O L L Y W E I R D !

    N O W & F O R E V E R !!

    M A G A !!!

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    They still don't get it. It's not disrespecting the flag nor the anthem but they are saying police killings on blacks and wait shoot it's just blacks that they are getting away with. They and we are tired of it. Trump made it about the soldiers and the anthem.

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    Well on the bright side the season tickets are going to be a fat discount:) I say keep protesting .. I want to buy the club ticket 🙂

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    I be going on bak to the car wash where the ladies be… That's what NFL players have to look forward to!

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    God bless the Veterans! It’s time to quit supporting the NFL and all their sponsors!!!!

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    It’s time to bankrupt the NFL. Support your local EMS, Fireman and Police. They save your lives and protect you. They are your real Hero’s.

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    It’s a little too little, too late to save these idiot players, managers, owners, and the NFL. The league management is not sincere in anything they say or do…it’s all about the money. Americans don’t care about these players anymore. We’re through with them. Most of them would be in jail if it wasn’t for their millions. Anything they would do now would not be heartfelt or sincere and Americans know it.
    Let’s take a look at these players statistics: 32 NFL Teams, 53 Players per Team, 1696 Players Total. There are 871 Convicted Felons currently playing for the NFL. That means more than half of the NFL Players are Convicted Felons! So 871 couldn’t join the military or become a cop or fireman. Now I see why they kneel for our National Anthem and do not respect the great country from which they get their hefty paychecks. Maybe it’s time to change the name to: “National Felons League” – or start locking them up! They’re like the swamp in Washington…they think they’re above the law.
    Questions…go to
    Recent NFL Arrests by Team:
    Want to know when a player from your favorite team was last arrested? Surprised by who has gone the longest without an arrest? Here is a list of the most recent player arrested for each NFL team. No wonder they hate Law Enforcement!!

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    jerry sucks

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    The NFL is dead to me.

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    Being a veteran I applaud the American people for finally doing something about this unjustly show of disrespect for our country and veterans.

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    Sooo, not a good time for a players strike ? Talks are ongoing with the lingerie league. Dvr asap.

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    What a DISGRACE that NFL doesn’t show National Anthem on television do to these IDIOTS. We need to stop watching the NFL until they’ve straighten out ALL of them. If koepernick ever comes back to NFL. I’ll be done with NFL. Period. Only a fool of an owner would hire him and crap on their fans.

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    keep bocotting . close the season no pay go home we will call you ,don't call us in the spring

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    Yes , fight protest by commenting on YouTube, you guys are the Patriots

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    boycot them till their gone

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    screw the NFL.wont watch game again

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    This is a bullsh..t story

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    N ational
    F elon
    L eague
    i will never go back to N F L games they trying to change the protest but i wont never go back all they want is there bottom line while millitary make about 40.000 a year protecting rich felons in tights fuck NFL SCUM AND THERE OWNERS..

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    The NFL is doing fine they must be showing the stadiums before they start the game cause if you look at the games the seats are full these are lies about half empty stadiums

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    FIRE ROGER GOODELL! He is ruining the NFL!

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    ….N F L = N O T F O R L O N G . . . . .

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    Or . . . N F L = N O F A N S L E F T . . . . .

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    Veteran's Day is nigh and un American protests are still being supported by Budweiser. Call them at 1 800 342 5283 and Let them know how you feel. #BurnTheNFL

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    THESE SCUMBAGS, can eat shit. No more NFL or ESPN on my TV anymore.

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