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LCS WEEK 9 FUNNY/FAIL MOMENTS – 2017 Spring Cut up

LCS Humorous/Fail Moments Week 9 – TOP 10 LCS Anime Betrayels, Awkward Handshake Deny, Savage photographs fired, Casters Rick and morty dance, Twitch chat …


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  1.  avatar

    Wow thanks for the love guys

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    It's the Swain! CROW STORM! KAKAKAKAKKAKAKAAAAAA!!!!! 5:06

  3.  avatar

    what is the song at 6:52

  4.  avatar

    that low standards girlfriend part was fucked up lmao

  5.  avatar

    Wheres the promotion tournament funny moments…

  6.  avatar

    "Febiven is nevermore" – after getting killed by Swain – that reference is jizz worthy.

  7.  avatar

    Anyone else catch biofrost looking at the ref when Kevin spilled his drink

  8.  avatar

    Kakakakakakakakakaaaa for a kill, lul lmao

  9.  avatar

    what was the music going on at 2:40

  10.  avatar

    im really surprised no one's talking about deficio's burn..that was insane

  11.  avatar

    time to get schwifty ❤

  12.  avatar

    You just know 7:12 is not his gf at all!! xD
    Some say his actual gf got a double kill that evening….. ¬.¬

  13.  avatar

    What do edit with?

  14.  avatar

    i was really sad after i saw the first clip.

  15.  avatar

    Outro song?

  16.  avatar

    1:55 OMG he didn't say that… that goes to far – that as awful as Dr. Cox always knocking down J.D. … BibleThump

  17.  avatar


  18.  avatar

    5:30 how can edit a video to do something similar???

  19.  avatar

    Love your work. Can we get a Hour loop of Qu1ckshot Shwifty please XD

  20.  avatar

    fckin meteos:C

  21.  avatar

    no one is gonna say how creepy Krepo sounds?

  22.  avatar

    I wanna see the Mic Check when Hauntzer spilled his coffee xD

  23.  avatar

    LCS casters was the reason I watch LCS to begin with haha

  24.  avatar

    Can anyone tell me the background song name at 4:02?

  25.  avatar

    TL still in promotions….

  26.  avatar

    What song is at 2:32?

  27.  avatar

    and so continues the reign of dark meteos >:)

  28.  avatar

    lol that scumbag rengo :O

  29.  avatar

    god I love watching these videos when I'm high

  30.  avatar

    For 5:40 you shoulda did shooting stars that woulda been funny lmao

  31.  avatar

    1 Like = 1 Prayer for that thrown away chicken nugget.

  32.  avatar

    A good sleep mate😂😂😂

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