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Lois Lerner: My Life Will Be in Hazard if Actual Cause Why IRS Focused Tea Get together Goes Public.

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    Smoke and mirrors on the part of lerner.

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    That's because it goes straight to Barack Obamas office…personally!

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    That's what happens when you're a total liar and a corrupt piece of shit!!!

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    That's what happens when you're a total liar and a corrupt piece of shit!!!

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    Lois Lerner is a greedy greedy liar and CHEATING scammer who wants to hide the TRUTH! Disclose her v testimony AND PUT HER IN PRISON for FRAUD and CORRUPTION!

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    I don't believe her story..she is saying that to keep the records sealed..she is a criminal…

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    Michelle Wolf is scu my acunt. fuckyou moronic cuntlips asshole leftovers leftist asshole bitch turd anal face.. fuckyou

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    She doesn't have to worry   she is above the law because she is a friend of the Clintons

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    Now she is scared lol. These people get these cushy jobs and instead of being grateful for there overpaid salary they have to screw it up for themselves by screwing up, get greedy, get the GOD complex. The IRS picking on the little people while they are the ones doing alot of crap. After all these years they should be abolished and some new type agency replace them, perhaps a little citizen friendly would be nice.

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    Are we supposed to feel sorry for lois lerner?

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    That's got to be the Clinton's clan either that she's full of shit. If she was scared she would look a lot uglier and worried.

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    Karma is a bitch just like you Lois. Feel the pain!

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    She deserve everything she is getting, oh look at me I can harass people but I’m scared of the repercussion

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    Lois Lerner and all of the other Obama and Hillary a.s kissers are criminal thugs that are overpaid with our tax dollars.

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    Too bad, so sad!!! Your the one who decided to go along with your corrupt boss, Osama Bin Obama. You play, you pay!!!

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    If nothing else, she has a pretty healthy chest. Hey my wife of 52 years hasn't given it up, and I appreciate a good looking woman. What can I say?

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    She's A Damn Criminal, LOCK HER UP!!!!

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    Too bad you criminal !

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    Release the statements..
    If they're dragged out and harmed due to this – it will serve as a lesson to those who would attemp this again.

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    It won't be the Tea Party that puts her at risk but the Democratic Party who should be exposed publicly. Maybe they should put her in witness protection in a corner of Cuba

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    Lois Lane needs to be in JAIL

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    She would not have to worry about death threats if she goes where she belongs… jail.

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    Irs money goes to Rich Kids! Not one penny goes to the US Treasury! illegal!

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    live in fear, you fuckin' cunt

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    She should be scared when u screw that many people over they are going want to kill you should thought about that before u committed these crimes she should be in fear no matter what happens

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    I think she is more, afraid that the public will see who put her up to it, like Obama, and his and Hillary's hit squad will get them. I don't care, they did the crime, and the American people have a right to know all the details!

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    Now we need to see these document's.
    And to think she retired with a full fat pension, paid by taxpayers.

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    She's got nothing to fear. She's Hillary's friend.

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    You were all in on doing the dirty deeds, take the consequences of your action! The only FAIR thing to do!
    Make her the example and reason for NOBODY EVER doing this again. Her name
    shouting be say synonymous with this act of criminal behavior!

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    CRIMINALS belong in Prison! That's you Lois LERNER! You deserve PRISON!

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    Clinton law: You play, you pay. A law Seth Rich learned the hard way.

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    Nope…too bad. You made your bed broad.

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    Why should we give a rat's ass if you're in danger you didn't care about who you were destroying I say we want to know how treacherous you are maybe you're a little bit traitorous to huh

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    They let her retire with Full Benefits.
    Take away her pension and make her pay back every penny, until she tells the whole truth.

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    Reap what you sow bitch

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    Burn her at the stack!

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